Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Charlie's facts in five

1. He is OBSESSED with tablets, computer games, and video games.  (The only video game he plays is Mario, but he LOVES it. ) I knew this would happen. Thankfully, I am combating his vegetative state with the nice weather. Lots of outside time recently!

2. After a year without an activity, (thanks to the Great Tee Ball Debacle of 2012) Charlie started karate a couple weeks ago. I was nervous because the class is an hour and a half long and open to all ages. You know what? He loves it! And he sticks with it the whole time. AND. He is by far the youngest kid in the class. I am so very proud of him!

3. After much struggle, Charlie is now swinging on his own like his sister! Way to go Charlie Bear!

4. He rises with the sun. And then wakes Liv up to join him in his way-too-early morning revelries. :(

5. He eats a MASSIVE breakfast. Then he spends the rest of the day asking for food because he is oh-so-hungry, yet he refuses to eat lunch or dinner. Basically, he wants to live off waffles, sausage, fruit, cheese, and goldfish.

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desertdeb said...

Oh, Charlie. I loved this. I love his focus and his ability to stay at the karate for that long. He's a nosher! Atta boy! Just eat all day, little bites, as you burn up energy. I totally get that...unfortunately...yes, I do. Formalized meals are still a mystery to me and I hope to understand them one day. Dinner time is sacred-it's important, but "bite and burn" seems more natural. Go, Charles. xoxoxoxo


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