Monday, July 8, 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Charlie: Michigan has bad guys. 


I took Wendy out of her booster seat one morning after breakfast, and could immediately smell that she was in need of a diaper change. At that exact moment, she turned to me and said:

Wendy: *gasp* Oh S%*t!


Jack has been enjoying watching TV lately. He was sitting on the couch watching a show, when Miss Jen came to pick up Charlie and Liv. After seeing them off, I came back around the corner. Jack turned his face to me and said:

Jack: Hewo! (and turned back to the show.)

Me: Hi Jackie! I love you!

J: Ah wah oo.

And he turned back to the TV, again. He seemed to be about 18, not 18 months. :)


One night at dinner, Liv told us a very elaborate story. She's quite the story teller. We listened attentively, and commented appropriately. When she was finished, I began talking with Eli about a few things we needed to take care of after the kids were in bed.

Liv: Mommy! Now YOU tell a story.

Eli: She is telling a story right now, Liv. (ok. I wasn't really. But whatever.)

*We finish our conversation*

Liv: Was that your grown up story Mommy?

Me: Yep!

Eli: What did you think of it Livy?

Liv: Weeeell. It was PREEEEETTY weeeeeird.

We cracked. up. The inflection is lost without being able to hear it, but man. It was hilarious!


Luke holds up a toy shark. Me: that's a shark Lukie!

Luke: ack?

 M: that's right. SharK.

 L: kark?

 M: SHark.

 L: shak! Smart guy. :)


Liv: Ow! I bit my tongue!

Me: Oh no! That hurts doesn't it?


Charlie: Don't worry Livia! I will kiss it for you!

Probably not that BEST idea. But it was sweet. :)


Some of the littles' favs...

Wha sa? (What's that?)
Caka (Cracker)
Dee dee (Thank you)
Chickeh (cheeky)
Bebe (baby)
Daga (doggie)

Wendy focuses more on inflection than actual words. So while her list is shorter, she makes herself very clear with whatever sounds she chooses to use. It's fascinating!

Shus! (Shoes)
Ka? (Car)
Dadeh! (Daddy)
Caw? Caw? A caw? (Car)
Babap (diaper)
na (nose.)
Heh (Hair)
Cookeh (Cookie/Cupcake)
Wadoo (water)
Re-re (raisin)
Buddy (bunny) This has since turned into "Money." LOL!
Tooooo? (me too?)
Bah-eee (bye)
Bana (banana)
Reh-reh (Charlie)
Bah-dee (birdie)

Zhack! (Jack)
uh-sa? (Outside)
Tawck (Truck)
Rasa (raisin)
Ah-MIN! (amen)
A Dah! (all done!)
Dah-gee (doggie)

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desertdeb said...

You write these so well, I can actually "hear" Livvy's voice saying, "Weellll, it's PRETTYYY weird." Well done, Mom. Well done. xoxoxo


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