Monday, April 1, 2013

OUR March Madness

March was a whirl-wind. So here are some of the happenings.

At the beginning of the month, the Ohio weather gave us a teaser day of warm weather before it continued to rain/snow on the rest of our very cold days. But we took advantage of what we had! 

Eli turned 31! We had a date night at Polaris Grill. The dinner was killer good.
We celebrated St. Patrick's Day.

Charlie and Liv were introduced to the world of computer games with the website ABCMouse. It is a favorite of both Charlie and myself. It's SUCH a great site. They are learning a lot! And they also love their Kindle Fires. Have to control the amount of time these kiddos suck in the technology.

Olivia went shopping with Tutu for an Easter dress, and came home with a whole different kind of outfit! :)

The week between this shopping venture and Easter consisted of one thing...sickness. It was a HORRIBLE week. We ate this...

And did this...

And then a socket blew in the kitchen and I had to cook a meal with my pressure cooker in the bathroom. :/
Easter was spent at church and then Tutu's for lunch and an egg hunt.
It was an incredibly busy month, but we had a lot of fun. Still. I'm glad it's April now. :)


desertdeb said...

Thank you for recording the craziness and the beauty and the sickness and the joy and the busyness and laughter and the whole of the human-ness. I love to drink it all in. It means the world to those of us who can't experience it day to day. I love you so much, honey. You and Eli are in my prayers every morning and night, as are the babies. Success! Health! Happiness! Protection! Comfort! xoxo, Moo

nancy said...

all this happened in just one month??????

thank you for journaling their lives for us, ab. love!


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