Sunday, April 28, 2013

Liv's Facts in Five

1. She has taught herself how to swing! Oh happy day!

2. We are still battling this little mean girl act she does when she's upset. She must be studying teenagers, because she's got the eye roll, haughty expressions, and snooty tone down pat. It's just not my favorite. :(

3. She wanted to take a break from gymnastics and try dance. She started yesterday. But now that she's done with gymnastics, she's perfecting her headstand. And getting quite good. Hmmmm.

4. Miss fashionista has taken a vacation and has been replaced by Miss mommy-can-you-pick-out-my-clothes-for-me-because-I-just-CAN'T! I hope Miss fashionista bought a round trip ticket.

5. Liv has become an incredible big sister. She's caring and loving with all of the triplets, and is aware enough of their well being to let me know if something is not right. When the kids are outside, I don't worry a bit when I have to run inside quickly for something, as long as Liv is around. Her relationship with Wendy is also really growing. She just loves her so much. They dance and play together. But Charlie's still #1. How could he not be? :)


Abby Bowman said...

love. always love!

desertdeb said...

I am consistently amazed at her evolutions balanced with her ability to stay always and forever loving and lovable. She makes my arms ache with Livvy-emptiness.


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