Friday, February 15, 2013

Things I love.

Happy belated Valentine's Day! While we didn't spend the day with Eli (he's at a conference for the weekend), the kids and I had a great day with Grammy. All the kids had checkups in the morning, then a lunch at Spaghetti Wharehouse. Spaghetti WARhouse, if you are Olivia Bowman. :)

Then we made a heart shaped pizza for dinner, pink milk, and some Valentine's goodies from Grammy.

In the days leading up to this day of love, I decided to consider the small, everyday things in my life that I truly love. Here's what I came up with!

 I love... 

1. That our home is full of wholesome entertainment. And that we closely monitor all tv viewing.
2. That Charlie and Liv have to tell each other whenever they go to do something without the other one, even if it's just going to the bathroom. :)
3. That we are beginning to establish a consistent FHE pattern. 
4. That every night when I go to clean up the play room, I find the little toys Jack has hidden in my boots. Its like his little gift to me. He might be the real Santa.  :)
5. That we now have The Friend (a magazine put out by our church for children) that we can read an article out of every night at bedtime.
6. The knowledge that we are giving our children a firm foundation for their lives.
7. That Eli is an exceptional husband and father in all ways. But man. He's funny!
8. Mom did our laundry for over a year. I loved that. But I asked her to stop a couple months ago because I couldn't put it away fast enough. And guess what?! I LOVE doing our laundry. Folding my children's clothing fills me with love for them. Who knew?
9. Logging on to Pinterest and knowing which of my family and friends have been pinning without even reading their names. I just recognize their taste. :)
10. That when Charlie and Liv wake up at 7:30, Eli and I don't have to! We get them a "snack" (aka breakfast) and they watch a movie while we keep sleeping.
11. Those rare moments when Luke lays his head on my shoulder and snuggles.
12. When Wendy dances and sings in the living room.
13. When Charlie puts his little hand on my cheek and tells me he loves me.
14. When Olivia rubs my back just because... but even more when she runs her fingers through her Daddy's hair during tuck-in.
Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you felt loved. If not, you were.

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desertdeb said...

Just stunning. Thank you for these beautiful glimpses into the moments of your day. Quite moving. Well done...and well DOING!


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