Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Olivia's Facts in Five

1. Ask her for help and she is all about it! "Sure!" she'll say. Lovin' that.

2. She is strong. She can do 25 sit ups while laughing and asking you to applaud.  :) Her gross motor movements are so fluid and rhythmic. MooMoo described it as looking as though every move was choreographed. And its so true.

3. She is a sloooooooooow eater. Always has been, but she might be getting slower. Breakfast takes two hours...for one bowl of cereal.

4. She's got a little lisp, and a soft L. Just enough to be absolutely adorable, but not enough to want to do anything about it...ever.  :)

5. I can barely touch her hair. Every morning she screams while I brush it out, but she won't let more put it up to keep it from tangling. She truly suffers for her beauty.

*6. If you come over to our house, Liv will show you SOMETHING. Anything from her room will suffice... it's all awesome.

*7. She is ambidextrous. Full on, completely ambi. Which is probably why her fine motor skills are not nearly as developed as her gross motor skills. It's the physical equivalent of learning two languages at once. Super cool!


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