Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Charlie: I was looking for it with my magayofying glasses.


Eli was reading to the twins from The Friend (a children's magazine our church puts out.) There was a picture of 5 children standing on a balance beam. 

Liv: (pointing to one of the girls) That's me!

Charlie: (pointing to one of the boys) And that's me!

Eli: (pointing to each of the other three children) And that's Jack, and Luke, and Wendy.

C: (pointing to "Wendy," who happened to be African American) Daddy. Why is Wendy

E: So what Charlie?

C: Why is Wendy so...tall?



At the end of the month, we were a little low on some of our staple food items.

Charlie: Mom, can I have a pop tart?

 Me: No buddy, we are out of them.

 C: (with complete sincerity and a little bit off concern) What AREN'T we out of?

 Time to go grocery shopping. :/


Jack: agga nuggeh! (Interpretation: chicken nugget)

Jack: mmmm! Yum!


Olivia got into my make-up & got some of my powder all over.

Me: Liv! You know you aren't supposed to get into my make-up. What do you say?

Liv: I'm sorry.

M: And? 

L: I forgive you.


Luke: dipes! (Diaper) 

Luke: book!

Luke: gock! (Sock)

Luke: cack-uh! (Cracker) Luke: gack! (Snack) Luke: uh-oh! *these are all within the past week!


Jack and Wendy: pizza!


Liv: Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie...

Charlie: Stop saying that, Livia!

L: Charlie, Charlie, Charlie...

Grammy: Olivia...please. Charlie doesn't want you to do that.

L: Lukie, Lukie, Lukie...

G: Liv!

L: Olivia, Olivia, Olivia...


 Liv was playing the recorder VERY loudly.

Me: Liv, that's too loud.

Liv: *plays it quietly*

Me: that's better.

 Liv: my apologies.


At lunch on Valentine's Day, right after all five kids had their 4 year and 18 month checkups... including shots for the triplets.

Grammy: Charlie and Livy, what is Valentine's Day?

Liv: a special day.

G: why is it special?

L: its a special day when we do shots.

Me: nope. That's St. Patty's Day.


Liv got out her cash register and asked me what I wanted. After all of my requests were denied because she was "out of that," she finally said:

Liv: Oops! I don't have any cents!

Me: You don't have any sense?

L: Nope! So I won't be able to give you anything.


desertdeb said...

LOLOLOLLOLOL!!!! I am sitting in the car in my garage LAUGHING!!!! these are great. Oh, thank you so much for recording them. They're PERFECT !!!!!!!! Love you!!!!!

stacey erin said...

I always love when you post these. :) And I can't believe that the triplets are starting to make appearances in these entries! Time just flies, doesn't it. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo (hug/kiss for everybody!)

Maggie-Sue said...

I love these kids so much! It's going to be an atomic explosion of love when I finally do get to meet them. :-)


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