Friday, June 1, 2012

Olivia's Facts-in-Five

If these kids keep growing and changing this fast, I'll have to make these Facts-in-Fifteen!

1. Liv only wants to wear one thing. Dresses. I do not know where she got this, as I was never much of a dress girl growing up. But it makes getting dressed a whole lot easier...after the 10 minutes it takes to decide which dress she's going to actually wear. ;)

2. She is such a grateful child. Anything you do that pleases her gets a gasp, a huge grin, an "Oh THANK you Mommy!", and a "I have to go tell Daddy!"

3. Lately, she has been EXTREMELY helpful and cooperative. I am hoping this is not just a phase, but is now her general M.O.

4. At dinner time, she is now the first to ask, "Mommy, how was your good day?"

5. In all ways she is just acting so big. And she's so much more self-sufficient...and willingly so. I've heard that once children hit 3 and a HALF, things get a lot easier. So far, I think this might be the case with Liv. It's just so pleasant to be around her.


nancy said...

oh, i love her so. :)

Kelly said...

Just LOVE.


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