Monday, June 4, 2012

Fast and Testimony

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the first Sunday of every month is dedicated to fasting during the first two meals of the day, and bearing our testimonies at church. It is a wonderfully uplifting meeting, and this week was especially so. At least for Eli and I.

It had been a loooooong time since I had gotten up to bear my testimony. After all, I had been on bed rest for four months, and it just isn't easy to get up there when you are trying to help 5 children be reverent. Well...two children be reverent. :) And attend to the needs of 3 babies. But this week, our Bishop reminded us of the importance of sharing our testimonies, so I decided I wanted to share mine.

A lot of small things had been swimming around in my mind with regards to the gospel, and as I was trying to figure out which one to focus on, Eli caught my attention. He pointed to Charlie and told me that Charlie wanted to go up and bear his testimony. This is something our children have never done before. So Eli spoke with him about what to do when he got up there and what he wanted to say. When it was their turn, they walked up the aisle to the podium. Charlie stepped up onto the stool and began. Of course, Eli had to help him with the things he said, but he did a wonderful job. The simple desire that Charlie had to bear his testimony was the most special part. How sweet and wonderful it is to watch your children grow in the gospel.

When Charlie was finished, he and Eli turned to walk back to their seats. At this point, Olivia called out, "Daddy! I want to say something too!" And she took off down the aisle to meet Eli. The whole ward got a good laugh from that, and then quieted down to hear what she had to say. She expressed herself very well for a three year old, and by that point there were tears in my eyes.

Once everyone was back in their seats and settled down, I went up to bare my own testimony. My children had helped me decide what to say...

I am thankful for the knowledge that families are forever. I am grateful that my family has been sealed together by the power of the priesthood in the temple. Every morning, like most mothers, I wake up and hit the ground running. Rarely having a second to call my own. What would it be like to do all of this, to work so hard for these precious children, only to loose those relationships after death? I cannot imagine. And for that, I am grateful.

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