Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

We had a HUGE Memorial Day weekend. It's not that we traveled all over, but we just ran ourselves ragged. On Saturday, we grilled hamburgers and brats with our friend Stacey from High School and her fiance Todd. The kids ran around the yard and played in the pool for hours. It was a wonderful evening.

After church on Sunday we picked up where we'd left off and the kids spent the rest of the day in their bathing suits. Mom came over for another cookout...this time we had some totally delish chicken kabobs. It was like being on vacation in our own back yard...sort of.

Monday was Memorial Day, so we headed over to Worthington for their parade. This was followed by the annual neighborhood Memorial Day party at Tutu's house. Again, the twins donned their suits and played in the pool. We grazed at the tables of food for lunch, relaxed and visited. By this point, however, the babies were so tired. They didn't nap well, and after they'd had lunch they were hot, cranky and still tired. So we packed everyone and everything up and went home for a nap. Eli and I were completely exhausted, so we parked it on the couch (in the AC!) while the twins played outside...again. :)

It was such a wonderful weekend together!

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