Monday, April 23, 2012

Charlie's Facts-in-Five

1. Charlie got his finger shut in the door last month. It got SUPER infected and he ended up with a fever of 102 degrees. I drove him from Urgent Care to doctor to Urgent Care. He was such a brave guy though, and was great about the treatment necessary. Though we did have to stir his meds into a cup of applesauce twice a day without telling him. He never figured it out though. :) He also had his first x-ray to make sure his finger wasn't fractured (it wasn't), but he was a little scared of the machine. After I sat with him and showed him that it was safe, he did a great job! And he was super brave when they drew blood too. What a trooper!

2. He has been into building things with blocks lately; specifically castles. After he used all of our blocks, he got out Jenga and started building a tower with those. :)

3. For the first time, he's beginning to want to do different things than Olivia. They still play together all the time, but the lack of boys for him to play with is becoming more evident as he gravitates toward more stereotypically boy interests.

4. He is strong-willed, independent, smart and motivated. This makes for a VERY tricky three-year-old, but what an amazing adult he is going to be!

5. Charlie loves to have Eli and I make up stories at bedtime. Currently, his favorites are "The Adventures of Charlie Snugglebug." Yeah, I know. I'm not going to be able to get away with telling him those stories for much longer. :)

*6. The past few days, Charlie has said, "What?" after almost EVERYTHING we say. This, apparently, is his version of "Why." Sigh.

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nancy said...

fact 6: every time i walk into the house he asks, " did you come back?" and every time i say, "i sure did." so far, that always gets a happy reaction. wonder how long before he's like, rats, gram is back.


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