Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April Showers

April showered us with a lot of fun activities, new developments...and water! Here's a look at what everyone has been up to!

Jack and Wendy are making great progress in the sitting department. They still fall over after several seconds, but they are getting much stronger. Luke is now sitting all by himself like an old pro.

Wendy L.O.V.E.S. to feed herself and has a great pincer grasp! Luke picks the food up and waves it around, but never puts it in his mouth. Jack just sits there and waits for someone else to feed him. He likes to be waited on hand and foot. Gammy says she thinks he looks like Frasier... it appears that he has his attitude as well. :)

Gammy and I took all the kids to COSI (our science museum) last Thursday. It was the triplets first time there. They have a really cool Ocean exhibit, which is a lot of water science. The twins thought this was the neatest thing...and so did I! We ate lunch at the cafeteria there, and made quite a spectacle of ourselves. And then we headed to KidSpace for a little more water play.

Align Center

We've enjoyed a very warm Spring so far so the kids have already played in the sprinkler and hung out in their diapers!

Luke is ALWAYS laughing, and he is always making ME laugh.

Charlie and Olivia have had a lot of opportunities to spend time with their Daddy.

Even though Wendy is wearing 3-6 months, Jack is wearing 3-6/6-9 months, and Luke is wearing 6-12 months, we were able to get everyone into these special onsies made by my friend Abbey. :) Cute!

When Wendy is getting her diaper changed, she immediately flips onto her tummy and pulls herself forward using only her arms so that she can check out the wipe warmer. She's a strong little girl!! And a little too close to crawling for my liking! Luke has started getting up on his hands and knees and rocking a lot as well. I think life is about to get a whole lot more interesting...


Kelly said...

Never a dull moment at the Bowman's!! Love how busy everyone is! Love the laughs!

nancy said...

love x 5! i mean, love x 7! :)


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