Friday, July 8, 2011

Bed Rest: Day 63 (The Letter)

There are many reasons why I love my husband, and many more reasons why I married him. But ranking right up at the very top is his sense of humor...some might call it silly. Yesterday I received this email from him in response to my recent boredom. I have fought it off for almost 9 weeks, but a few days ago it caught me.

My Dear and fairest Wife,

It’s saddening to hear how bored you are. My soul yearns to heal your broken spirit. Oh, how I would have you smile again! To think, you were doing so well fending off boredom for so long. I wonder what has changed. What has allowed boredom to overtake you, my love? Maybe it is that you’ve been in that sick and disgusting pit for a few unspeakable weeks now, and Boredom’s incessant fervor for maliciousness has finally granted it the victory over you that it has so tirelessly fought for. Boredom’s zeal for your malcontent has finally bore fruit. I pray that you may ever meet it in battle. Fight this Boredom. Fight with books. Fight with motion picture revelry. Wield the pen and write, for pity’s sake! Fight against Boredom’s armies with such valor as to be worthy of such a victory. Fight honorably and your triumph shall not elude you, dearest love.

Thankfully yours through eternity’s unyielding years,

~ sig

I guess I married another Shakespeare. Lucky me! :)

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nancy said...

so sweet. so ELI! :)


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