Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bed Rest: Day 65

On Friday I had a full ultrasound of the triplets. Everything is looking wonderful! It's been awhile since I've posted some pictures of them, so I thought I'd post a few from that ultrasound now that I can get them on CD. The bigger these babies get, the harder it is to get good pics of them, so I've just picked out a few of the best ones.

First up, Baby A...Jackson. He weighed in at a whopping 2lb 3oz! I am 26 weeks along, but he's measuring 27 weeks. Go Jackson!


Jack waving.

Second, Baby B...Luke. He weighed in at 1lb 15oz, which is right on track for a singleton. Nice work Luke!

Luke's face was pressed up against the placenta
making it tricky to get a good profile pic.
This is the best we got.

And third, Baby C...Wendy. She is keeping pace with her brothers as she too weighs 1lb 15oz. You show 'em girl!

Wendy face on. Check out that chubby cheek!

While the triplets are busy sharing the food supply (like good babies should), I am also moving in the right direction. My cervix is back up to 14mm from the 7mm it was when I entered the hospital. So things seem to be working.

The babies are now holding a very rowdy party in there almost 24/7, and my tummy often looks like the waves on the ocean. I love feeling all that movement. It's such a special experience. I took a picture of my belly yesterday to post, but it will have to wait. When I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror, I realized that my belly had grown quite a lot during the night. :) So I'll have to retake the pic to get a more accurate portrayal of the torpedo that is my stomach. This seems to be the way this pregnancy has gone though. Every couple of weeks or so, I have a day that is just horribly uncomfortable. Then the next day I wake up looking significantly bigger than the day before. Thankfully that discomfort only lasts for the day and then I feel good again. I'm not yet to the point where I am incredibly uncomfortable. These babes are doing their best to keep me feeling good, and I truly appreciate their effort! Let's just hope they are this accommodating when they finally arrive. :)

However, with this ever increasing size I am running into difficulty with my clothes. Before I came to the hospital, I had already outgrown the summer maternity clothes I had from last time. So I ordered a few more things from Old Navy, getting a size bigger than I really thought I needed to allow for tummy growth. Nice try Abby. I'm quickly outgrowing those things. Soon I'll be stuck with Eli's T-shirts, and then...HOSPITAL GOWNS!!! Dun, dun, duuuuuuuuun! When it comes to that, I am requesting the pink ones they reserve for labor and delivery. Pink is a much better color on me than the standard teal gown. :)

If that's my greatest complaint, I'll take it. After all, there are always sheets to spare. Toga, toga, toga!


Kelly said...

My oh my how they have grown!! I am so anxious to come see them (in utero, of course!!) How does Friday sound?! I am bringing yummy treats too!! Hope your week is great!!

nancy said...

wendy is going to look like charlie, i think. :)


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