Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Starstruck Sabbath

So today, I went to church. Our family walks into the chapel a bit late, and I saw this kid sitting in the back row who looks awfully familiar. Hmm...

I walked my children into a pew and continue with the service. It's fast and testimony Sunday, so I got up to share my testimony. I sat back down. I helped my children make it through the slightly longer sacrament meeting. At the very end, they just can't sit still any longer so Eli and I took them into the lobby. We sat them down on a couch and waited for the end of the meeting.

Then, that kid that looked familiar pops out of his seat and rushes out of the chapel and right past me. He looks right at me and that's when it hits me...David Archuleta! I looked at Eli to see if he recognized him. He did! David happened to be in town this weekend for a concert. And he chose to come to our ward to worship on Sunday! I'm totally geeked! I only wish I could have stopped him before he fled the building to tell him how much I appreciate his music and his example. And perhaps extend an invitation for him to come and sing with us in Primary during Singing Time. :) Oh well, next time.


The Katzbox said...

What a freak out. Who would have ever predicted that?

That stuff used to happen in our ward in Palm Springs, especially during the winter when people would come there to golf or escape LA.

One time, this one guy looked really really familiar, but he gave me such an odd feeling, I couldn't shake it. I stared at him and he looked at me and when he smiled, I smiled back, but the smile froze on my face. I was being nice, but something wasn't right.

Turns out it was "Satan"....from the movie...get my drift?


Anonymous said...

coolest thing i've heard in a looooooong time, ab.

Valerie said...

My husband actually took voice lessons from "Satan" and is totally freaked out by that fact.

Abbey said...

That is seriously awesome!


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