Saturday, September 25, 2010

Color Me Crafty

As Olivia (and Charlie, but mostly Olivia) has discovered the divine art of coloring, I decided to create a crayon holder for her. I wanted something that would be easy for her to be successful in both picking her own crayons and in putting them away when it's time to clean up. As the design was completely up to me, I also chose to emphasize the different colors and the words that correspond with the color names. Gotta get environmental print in there whenever possible. :) Here is what I came up with.

First, I saved (and washed!) enough yogurt cups for each color of the rainbow as well as an additional one for brown, black, gray and white. I left out pink because we don't really have enough crayons for that one.

Then I covered each of the cups in it's own color of scrapbooking paper. If you want to make these yourself, you don't want to use construction paper. It isn't thick enough to withstand little hands & it will fade much faster.

After the cups were covered, I printed off simple labels on the computer for each color, glued them on and voila! I'm fairly sure Crayola would be jealous. :)

I chose not to connect the cups because I felt that it was easier to split them up between both of my children that way. If you wanted to connect them, I'm sure you could either glue them together with a hot glue gun, or maybe use tiny brads. That's for you to figure out I guess!

So far, these are working perfectly and the kids really love them. It makes coloring time so much easier and with a lot less mess.


The Katzbox said...

How clever. Plus, the sentiment behind it...the time and thought, you continue to bless our family by raising these children so beautifully. Thank you so much, Abby. We love you...always and forever...

nancy said...

you're right, debbie - this idea is so much more than just clever - it's loving. i have had the pleasure of seeing these "crayon cups" in action and wow, what a wonderful idea! i think the kids even know, on some kind of intuitive level, that these aren't just any old crayons - these are LOVE crayons. :)

Abby said...

i think you guys grew up in the 60's. :)

LOVE you both!


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