Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Olivia's Facts in Five

1. We have a little stuffed "Where's Waldo" doll that came in a happy meal somewhere along the line, and the kids found it the other day. They thought that because of his striped shirt, he must be Brutus Buckeye. I told them that he was not, in fact, Brutus Buckeye, but that his name was Waldo.

Later that day, Liv found Waldo on the changing table and picked him up while I was changing her diaper. Then she slowly put Waldo behind her back, looked at me and said, "Where is he?!" So naturally I had to say, "Where's Waldo?!" How funny! That guy just begs to be hidden.

2. Liv has wanted me to sing the same few songs over and over again. She is finally beginning to learn some parts of the songs and I often find her singing them to herself.

3. She has finally discovered the joy of crayons, and how it's so much more fun to actually color with them rather than eat them.

4. We live by the firehouse, so she's always listening for sirens. When she hears them, she knows the trucks are going to "hep" (help) someone. We had a couple tornado warnings in our area recently, and when the sirens went off she started saying, "Hep! Hep! Hep!" But thankfully, she thought it was tons of fun. :)

5. Liv can count to ten! Who knew? She was with my mom and grandparents for lunch the other day and she started counting straws. Suddenly, she'd counted to ten! It sounds like this: One, tee, fee, foh, fife, seeks, sewen, et, nahn, ten! Every now and then she either skips or slurs four through six, which is even cuter. They become a little known number called, "fofeeks."


The Katzbox said...

Oh that picture is priceless! fofeeks is my new favorite number...for sure! She is really zooming along. Both of them are. I'm impressed. Lots of candle power in those cute little mop tops. Way to go Mom!!

Leslie said...

This post literally had me laughing out loud, which is a good thing at 7:22 in the morning. Way to go, Liv! Thanks for being funny and cute :)

Anonymous said...

love me some liv! :)

The Katzbox said...

I "stole" this picture of Livvy, by the way...it took fofeeks of a second to do it.



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