Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Pacifiers are...

Gone! I know you have all been biting your nails and agonizing over what happened with those pacifiers. You can't fool me.

All things considered, things went really well. On day three I almost cracked. To be honest, I'm kind of proud of myself because I didn't almost crack because I couldn't take the constant crying and lack of naps (though I couldn't). It was because I second guessed whether my decision was best for Charlie and Liv. So what did I do? The only thing I could do. I called in reinforcements! Aka "Margie". Margie and I worked together at Mary Evans and she is one of the greatest infant teachers I know. She taught me so much, and we usually see eye-to-eye on things. So I called her up.

She told me that, yes, going cold-turkey was the way to go. But then she asked me something. She said, "Have you talked to Charlie and Liv about it?" Umm...duh. Umm...did I really go to school for this kind of thing and not think to TALK to them about it?! Which then made me wonder...why? Why don't we talk to our kids? Why is that not the very first thing we think to do? Of course they should be included in these big, life changing decisions. I'll be working hard to make sure that doesn't happen again. worked!

I told them that they were big kids now and they didn't need their pacifiers any more. I told them that I knew they could do it, and that when they went down for nap that day they could pick something to snuggle with and that I wouldn't be back into the room until nap time was over. Liv already liked to cuddle with a rabbit blankie, so I asked Charlie what he would like to use. I also told him he could choose a football if he wanted to (He loves his footballs!) He got the biggest smile on his face and looked from the big football to the little one, took a step toward the big one, stopped, and picked up the little one instead. Then he carried it off to his room! Cute! He has since traded the football for a ball-shaped rabbit from his Easter basket this year, but he used the football for about 3 days. :)

Pacifiers are no longer an issue, but we're now working to get back on a normal nap schedule and to get back to laying down without it sounding like a circus in their room. They are just too much fun for each other. :) Perhaps the next big thing is separate rooms. That WILL make me cry.


Anonymous said...

separate rooms.....i can't believe that's even on our lips. where has the time gone?

The Katzbox said...

Oh my word...that is the most adorable post ever.

You talked with them about their pacifiers...I didn't think of it either Abby...and it makes perfect sense.

They are so perfect...with you...with each other...I love the little videos that Eric sends. I keep them on my desk cute...

I love it also that they are relating to each other so much. How adorable is THAT????

Well done!!!!

And what a wonderful friend and resource Margie is. Well done Margie!!!

Emmy Slusser said...

What cuteness!!


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