Tuesday, February 9, 2010

That's My Girl!

Besides walking, Olivia has been talking up a storm lately! She now says,
-"Hi Uncle Bubby" (yeah, that's for real. She said it several times the other day, but not since)
-"tickle" (which I really have to credit Charlie with as he is the one who first started using this word)
-"diaper" (and she does the sign)
-"hi Dada"
-"yeah" (pronounced "eee-yah! Emphasis on the "yah". It really is heart-meltingly cute)

BUT. Today she outdid herself. This morning I held her up to the window to show her the beautiful snow that was falling. And we talked about the snow. Soon she was repeating me every time I said the word "snowing".

Later in the afternoon, Charlie was standing on the couch looking out our picture window. Liv walked over to the couch and Aunt Holly popped her up onto it. Liv stood up so she could look out the window and promptly said, "snowing!" And it was! A girl after my own heart. :)


The Katzbox said...

oh wow, Abby...wow wow wow wow....

How 'bout THAT!!!

walking, talking....just like a real girl..... :)

I can't wait to get there...cannot wait....

What does Charlie make of all of this?

nancy said...

man, what a difference a week makes!

Emmy Slusser said...

Oh, that's so cute!!!

Stacey said...

I cannot believe how quickly they are growing! Keep the posts coming Abs - I love the updates. They make my heart jump for joy!
Love you all! xoxo

Linda said...

Love your posts and pics! Cannot believe how much they have grown in every way. Love to all of you!


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