Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blog Surfing

I don't. Blog surf that is. I know plenty of people that do, and that's just fine. I have friends who have found a lot of great info and wonderful people while they blog surf. However, I once tried it and ended up on a pornographic blog. This is the first reason I don't blog surf.

Secondly, I have a bit of a bone to pick with SOME blog surfers. I feel that I must emphasize that it's only with SOME blog surfers and not ALL blog surfers, because getting offended by other people's blogs is the second reason I don't blog surf. Here's the deal people. As I see it, if you choose to blog surf, it is very likely that you will end up reading at least one person's blog where you don't agree with what the person said. It's bound to happen if you do it enough. If this happens, there are a couple options.

1.You can click your little mouse and move on to another blog without giving that person another thought, and therefore not getting yourself into a huff that *gasp!* someone out there doesn't see things the way that you do. ( I highly recommend this option.)

2. If this is a corporate blog, or some kind of organization, it might be acceptable to inform them of your disagreement. KINDLY. Not in the "what the heck is wrong with you idiots?" kind of way.


3. You can do what most people do and respond to someone's personal blog with sarcastic, biting remarks, thus inflicting your anger on every other person who comes to read that blog.

And THAT is the major reason I don't blog surf. Sadly, it has happened to me and it has happened to others I know. So when I sit down at the computer to check up on my loved ones and friends, I have to endure the dreaded "Anonymous" comment. Which, if I may be so bold, is generally coming from someone who knows zero about the person writing the blog, the background and knowledge base the person has, and sometimes even about the topic at hand.

So that's my beef. Your next door neighbor does not agree with you on everything, but you would never call that person out into the middle of the street, yell at him/her for being such and "idot", "jerk", etc, in front of family and friends and then run away and never come back for more discussion. But that's what SOME of these blog surfers do. If you feel that strongly about something, write about it on your own blog for others to pass by and read. That way everyone gets their thoughts and opinions out there and no one has to be mean about it. And if you do respond, please do so kindly. Generally speaking, the author of the blog and those who read it on a regular basis are not going to think that you are all-knowing and really have the right idea if you present your arguments in an unkind way.


ChiCub23 said...

I blog surf. I came to your blog through Emmy's. I've known the Bowmans (Eli the least) since elementary school. I was in Eric's class. I've found TONS of cool crafting sites...I'm a bit obsessed with crafts. But I agree, if you don't like what someone has to say then keep your mouth shut! Anyway, I continue to follow your blog because I have a "preemie" (born at 36 weeks 8 lb 10 oz with breathing problems) that was born on 12/12/09. I like to see how your kiddos are doing. And see how my little dude is compared to your way more preemie preemies. They are super cute too! Keep blogging! Thanks!

Mommy Tips said...

ChiCub,wow! Our babies are exactly a year apart. I hope that everything is going well with little one. I know this is a difficult time with your baby in the NICU. I remember it all too well. I will keep a prayer in my heart for you and your family. Things will work out.

And thank you for visiting my blog. I do love having others comment, especially if we have something in common! :)

ChiCub23 said...

Oops! I mis-typed that. Our kiddos are actually the exact same age. He was born in '08 and is now a healthy (mostly, asthma continues to plague his life) happy one year old. But we'll take any prayer we can get! I did a lot of praying for you when your little ones were in the NICU. Glad they are doing so well now!

Anonymous said...

thank you, abby. i appreciate this blog post so much.

and chicub? thank YOU, too. the world needs more blog surfers like you.

i love you, ab.

Anonymous said...

or do i have eli to thank? well, whoever - abby or eli (or team bowman) - thank you. :)

The Katzbox said...

Great post, honey. I fear that the internet has greatly eroded civility. As you said, we would never call out our neighbors and publicly belittle them-not in a civilized community anyway.

I also have issues with anyone that leaves anonymous remarks. If you can't stand behind your words, don't leave them. It smacks of cowardice. Maybe it's because I'm getting older and just don't care, or maybe it's because I put word things nicely and care about peoples' feelings, but I don't leave anonymous remarks. I leave my name, which they can click on and be directed to my blog.

This is a great post, well spoken, timely, and needed.

Well done, kiddo!

P.S. ChiClub23-hello! I'm Eli and Eric's mom. We've probably run into each other at some point in time, right? :)

dustinandleslie said...

People that post without leaving their name are mostly cowards in my opinion. If you're going to speak your mind, stand by what you believe in!

Eli Bowman said...

Amen to everyone's comments. ChiCub, I'm actually glad to hear the your son is 14 months now. That's great news!

and yes, this is abby. :)

Emmy Slusser said...

You tell 'em, Ab!
ChiCub - which Sarah is this? Mayhew? Glad to see found their blog. . cute little family, aren't they?

ChiCub23 said...

Yes, this is Sarah Mayhew (Ruck).

I know I've met Katzbox (Debbie?) a handful of times. I think you may have even went to high school with my parents? (at Northland HS???)

Yes, they are a super cute little family!

The Katzbox said...

WHOA WHOA WHOA!!!! Sarah? Did you say Northland?....Is your mother drop dead gorgeous? Is you dad's name Dan? Does it start with a "D"?

This is going to keep me up all night.....


Happy to hear that your baby is better and better.

ChiCub23 said...

Ha! My dad's name is Joe Mayhew. My mother is Kirsten Melick, her sister was Jody who was gorgeous! Hope you can sleep now. :-)


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