Sunday, February 7, 2010

Olivia is Walking!!!!!

That's right. It's official. She has been walking all over the place today and she is doing so well! When we went to the pediatrician last month, she wasn't even standing up on her own yet. Dr. Patty said that all she needed was some confidence. I guess she found it, because she skipped right over the taking one or two little steps part. In fact, she skipped the standing up on her own before she works on moving part! It happened so very fast. I wish I had video, but a picture will have to suffice. This is the best one I have. Just pretend you can see her legs. :)

She is also climbing the stairs with Charlie. Here they are at the Brown's climbing the coveted stairs.

Meanwhile, Charlie has decided to focus his energy on climbing...everything. And climbing into things!

While this picture is cute, don't be fooled. We have a little acrobat on our hands. This afternoon, the kids were playing in their room. I left to, ahem, use the facilities. When I came back, Charlie was sitting in a dresser drawer. But not the bottom one. He had used the bottom drawer on one side to climb into the second to last drawer on the other side! Talk about a heart attack!

This is pretty much the look he gave me. Uh-huh. Caught ya!

Charlie is also LOVING the little footballs we have. He throws them and chases after them. Eli is sure this means he will be a Quarter Back for OSU someday. We'll see. But he was in Heaven when he found this at the Brown's yesterday.

He was one happy kid.


Anonymous said...

oh, my. i don't think i can breathe.

Emmy Slusser said...

YAY LIVVY! Charlie, your smile is so cute I almost go blind every time I see it!

The Katzbox said...


Oh Abby, they are so perfectly adorable. I can't stand it. How do you keep from saying "yes" to everything they want? I will cave to everything....always and forever....

What a darling update....absolutely darling!!!!!

Brown and Serve said...

I'm so glad they like our stairs! I love our little play dates. It works out perfectly too cause Anne loves your ball pit. Love Charlie Oso's little tooffy grin. Precious-trouble-but precious!


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