Sunday, November 2, 2008

Riverside Hospital: Day 16 (First Baby Shower)

Okay, so the baby shower wasn't today. It was yesterday. But I was hoping to have some pictures to post. I don't. My camera has been in my purse without a charger in sight, and Mom brought hers, but apparently it needed batteries. So absolutely zero pictures of my first baby shower. :(

But this was not a "normal" baby shower, as it took place on the high-risk maternity ward in a small conference room on that floor. Mom worked so hard )THANK YOU MOM!) to make it as nice as possible though. Yummy food and cake (which said "Stay Put", which also isn't "normal"), and some decorations to liven the place up. She also wowed the crowd with her explanation of her synesthesia (she tastes words), and why that explains her shower gift. Two bibs with a large picture of an olive and the word "you" i.e. "Olive you" or "I love you." Both "Charlie" and "Olivia" taste like green olives to her. And "Eliot" tastes like black olives which is why she bought both me and Eli shirts that say "team olive". Too cute and creative!

Everyone was so generous with their gift giving and it was good see everyone and get out of my room for a couple hours. I have to admit that it was a little strange sitting in my recliner while everyone else sat around a table and was free to roam around. Felt a little like I was watching my shower take place around me without being able to participate. Until the gift-giving part that is. :) But Mrs. G, a mother of friends of ours, walked in and came right over to the chair beside me and took a seat. She stayed there for the entirety of the shower and talked with me. She probably has no idea what that meant to me. And kudos to all of my friends who came over to a less-than-cheery place to have a baby shower and show their support.

Charlie and Liv got a lot of nice things...a lot being the operative word. And when I was done opening gifts, Mrs. G leaned over to me and said, "You got a lot of stuff. You'll need more." Haha! Thank goodness I have two more showers coming up!


Anonymous said...

first of all, LOVE the new blog background! i wish i knew how to do that kind of thing!

second, i can only imagine how surreal it must have felt to you, Ab. sitting in a recliner, feet up, leaning back - well, that's what Eli's supposed to do on a football saturday, not what you're supposed to do at your very first baby shower! (and we didn't even get a picture - RATS!)

but we are all proud of you for being so cheerful about your confinement. Olivia and Charlie already owe you. they owe you BIG. (just think how much fun it will be making them pay! woo-hoo!) :)

The Katzbox said...

Abby...I didn't even know you had a shower...yikes!!! Well, I'm so very very happy you had a great time. And ain't Mrs. G. the absolute best? Love you honey!!!

And the olive theme...puhleese!!! That was so stinkin' adorable I almost fell out of my chair smiling...olives....oh my.....


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