Friday, October 31, 2008

If You Don't See Any Costumes or Eat Any Candy, Is It Still Halloween?

I just had a thought. Today is Halloween, but I keep forgetting. I see no jack-o-lanterns, I'm not checking any of my candy for needles or tears in the wrapper, I don't see any leaves changing color, and there are no children in cute little costumes running around the hospital. Well, not this hospital. I bet they're dressed up at Children's Hospital, but I can't see them and I'd rather not think about that.


Is it still Halloween? This is a holiday unlike the others. Christmas is still Christmas without presents and decorations (just ask the Grinch). Thanksgiving is still a day to give thanks even if you're eating a Lean Cuisine all by yourself. You can still think of the Savior and his atonement on Easter even if all of your carefully colored eggs cracked and had to be thrown out. Even Valentine's Day and the Fourth of July don't require the trappings because you can still express your love and patriotism without chocolates and fireworks. But what about Halloween? It's not quite the same when I try to pop out and scare myself. Ghosts, and skeletons, and witches aren't constant thoughts that preoccupy my mind today. And what should I be focusing on anyway? Halloween has nothing to do with my heart or my mind. It is purely the trappings that make the day. But nonetheless I love this holiday.

So here I am in the hospital without the essentials to actually celebrate it. Is it still Halloween? Or do I have to wait until next year?

(That might not be so bad. I'll make up for missing it this year by stuffing my cute little babies into uncomfortable, but totally picture worthy costumes.)


Anonymous said...

watch as many scary movies as you can, Ab. that's what we're doing, because living in a downtown apartment building, you don't get too many (read : ANY) trick-or-treaters, either. so it kinda doesn't feel that much like halloween over here, either.

although, and this is probably TMI for everybody, but i put on that pumpkin mask that i put on for you yesterday, Ab, and i had nothing on EXCEPT the pumpkin mask and when Per came home, i greeted him with a Happy Halloween.

don't be too jealous. all we did after that was sit down and watch the news.

The Bowmans said...

thankfully I am not one of those chidren who thinks that they somehow came to be while their parents remained celebate. However, if I thought that mask was scary with clothes on, I can only imagine how Borky felt! :)

Emilia said...

Now, that's the Halloween spirit!


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