Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Riverside Hospital: Day 18 (Election Day)

I have a few thoughts on this election day. I haven't posted so far, but it's time. I am currently sitting in my hospital room waiting for someone to bring me my election ballot. "You can vote in the hospital if you call and ask! How cool is that?!

First of all. I want to thank all of those people out in California who have been trying to get the word out about voting yes to Proposition 8. If I were living out there with you, I'd be right alongside you. It is such a constroversial issue, but an important one when it comes to rights.
People seem to be asking, "Whose rights are more important? The right for homosexuals to be married anywhere they choose, or freedom of religion?" I am not going to make any statement here about homosexuality. For me, that is not the issue. The issue here is freedom of religion. Since the birth of this country, freedom of religion has been central to our way of life. Not everyone has ever agreed on which way to worship is correct. Otherwise there wouldn't be so many options. Right Mom? :) But we have the freedom to choose and worship "according the dictates of our own conscience." Prop. 8 will hinder that if it fails. So thank you to those of you who have stood up against adversity for this issue to pass.

Second of all, I keep hearing people say, "Get out there and vote! It doesn't matter who you vote for, just vote!" Sorry Les, you said this too. :) Though I totally understand what they are saying..."it's important to vote and I don't care who you vote for," it does matter who you vote for. If it didn't, people wouldn't be wringing their hands in despair because they can't figure it out. And Obama fans wouldn't be posting "Gobama" on their facebook profiles. And McCain fans wouldn't be talking (amongst themselves) about how they figure Obama will win, but they just can't vote for him...McCain just has more experience. It does matter, and it matters a lot.

I am, for the first time, an educated voter. I've watched the debates, read up on the issues and the candidates, etc. And now here it is. November 4, 2008 - ELECTION DAY! And not just any election day, but an historical election day. Possibly the first African American President! Maybe a woman Vice President! It is exciting. But I am split right down the middle. I like certain things about each candidate and dislike others. The tally is split right down the middle. I've prayed to know which is right. No such luck. Apparently it's up to me. Unless I get my ballot in front of me and it strikes me like a bolt of lightening. "VOTE FOR _________!" I just don't know what I will do. I've even thought about writing someone else in! As if that would ever work. (Yes Mitt Romney, that means you. You still up for it?)

So why? Why is it so hard this year? I have only one answer. There are major issues in our country that will affect my family more than usual. But it's not about that. It isn't about me, or Eli. It's not about our friends and family. It isn't even about the country (if I'm being totally honest.) It's about my babies. My children. Who is going to do the best job providing a country that will care for them and bring them freedom, security and happiness? I. Don't. Know. Because the fact is, no one is good enough. So now what?


Anonymous said...

i so 100% totally relate to this. i don't like either guy enough to vote for him nor do i dislike either one enough not to vote for him. talk about a dilemma, and it's a dilemma that i resolved, but i don't feel sanguine about it. i walked away from the poll with a heavy sigh. so heavy, in fact, that the guy who was handing out the "I Voted Today" stickers said, "Wow. Do you need a hug?"

no, i don't need a hug. i need a good quality candidate that i can throw my support behind 100%.

well, there's always 2012. :)

p.s. and you're right, Abby. it matters who you vote for. of course it does. to say otherwise is piddlypoop. (sorry, Les.)

Eliot Bowman said...

I like this post, dear. Very Abbott indeed...which I LOVE. :)

dustinandleslie said...

I think I can give you some insight into why I think people should "vote no matter who they vote for."

To me, it's about everyone taking advantage of this gift that we have -- the gift of democracy and voting. It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, 99 or 18, doctor or garbage collector, everyone's vote counts the same. I think to someone who feels disgruntled by their government should feel empowered by the chance to make a change. (Even if both of the guys running are still just a bunch of politicians.) Especially in today's elections where the elections seem to literally come down to a few hundred votes (if you believe what you see on TV.)

I think the most tragic thing that could happen is not for Obama or McCain to lose, but for millions of Americans to take voting for granted. So many people in our world don't even have the option and would literally die for the chance.

So there you have it. :)


J. Miyoshi Zuehl said...

Amen sister! even as I walked up to my desk thingy to vote, ballot in hand, I didn't know if I was making the right decision (I was pretty undecided up until driving to my polling location). I have no idea what's going to happen but I just don't think either candidate is good enough! I'm glad you are able to vote from your hospital bed though. Good luck with your decision, I received not divine inspiration in my decision either. :)

The Bowmans said...

I agree with you Les. I think everyone should vote, but I would hope that they would pick a candidate or issue for some REASON. Not to just to say they did it. Which I also know isn't what you are saying. It's all a matter of semantics I guess.

dustinandleslie said...

True dat!

(Wow, that's the most ghetto I've been in a long time...)


The Katzbox said...

Abby, you're right about your babies...it's about the babies now...now and probably forever...it'll be the economy and/or health care and/or education and/or foreign relations...and it will go on and on as the C&O Express chugs through life with evolving needs...it's always about the babies honey...always and forever...even when they're financial analysts with their own babies on the way... ;)


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