Monday, October 20, 2008

Riverside Hospital: Day 4

Time for a hospital update...

Medical Update:

Last night was rough. For the first time since our first ultrasound, Charlie has changed position. He used to be transverse across the top of my stomach. Since my appointment with Melillo on Friday, he has moved. He is now "footling breach", or in layman's terms...his head is up and his feet and digging into my pelvis! And can I say that it hurts! Tylenol seems to help though, thank goodness. He is on my left side and Olivia is on the right, head down. Or "vertex" for you technical people out there.

So, that pain (combined with the fact that apparently prune juice works for me), I was majorly uncomfortable. All the cramping was making me contract more than I had been. And the babies were really moving, so it took 3 HOURS to hook them up to the heart monitor! They had to call in someone to do a quick ultrasound to find them. Meanwhile, I'm laying on my back (which contributes to my contractions) and in a lot of pain. I still don't have my appetite back. Thankfully, I feel better today and thanks to Ambien, I finally got a decent sleep. But there is some good news from last night. Because of all of the trouble, they did a fetalfibronectin test. If it comes back positive, it mean I could deliver in the next two weeks. But my last test was positive and Olivia and Charlie and atill hanging in there. However, if the test is negative then I definitely will not deliver in the next two weeks. And the tests results from last night were negative! YAY! That will get us to the middle of my 28th week. So that is great news. Otherwise, nothing has changed.

Mental and Emotional update:

On Mondays there is a high-risk support group from 1-2pm. We get to leave our rooms if we go, so I went. Wheeled in my bed of course. Today there was only one other patient there, but it was nice to get out and meet someone new. And it isn't really a therapy session as much as a social thing where we can get to know eachother. I will definitely go back next week as they will either have a lactation consultant or someome from the NICU.

As has been the case through this whole thing, everyone has been so kinds and helpful. I have a little refrigerator full of homemade meals to spare me from the hospital food. Plenty of visitors has helped to pass the time, and I am doing alright. Starting to get a little bored though. But tomorrow is a shower day! So that's something to look forward to. :)


The Katzbox said...

Oh man, honey....I am floored!!! I'm at a!...and I'm NEVER at a loss...I wish I could take over for you for just even a little bit...that would be the ultimate babysitting wouldn't it? You're a champ honey!!!

Eliot Bowman said...

A champion among champions, you are, my dear.

Anonymous said...

i know it's a long, dull road, Ab. like Debbie, if i could switch places with you, i would. the best i can do is keep doing my part to keep you as "up" as possible.

maybe i'll do a little tap dance for you this afternoon.

hugs, loves, and hanging in theres,

Abbey said...

Oh, man. Hang in there! I had several of those fetalfibro.... tests. Two of mine came back positive, and two negative. Obviously the positive ones were incorrect, as we had to kick her out there at the end. Anyway, keep smiling and I'll see you soon!


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