Thursday, October 2, 2008

Our "Love Letters"

It has been a crazy last few days. From my last blog, you know that there were some possible complications with my pregnancy. On Thursday I went to the doctor for my regularly scheduled appointment. While there, he discovered that my cervix was shortening. He asked if I had been having Braxton Hicks contractions, to which I answered, "no." After leaving the office, I started thinking about it some more. I asked some questions from others and realized that I had been having contractions...since early September! I just didn't know it. There was no pain, so I just thought it was the babies moving around.

On Friday I callled the doctor on my break and told them about the contractions. They told me to come in immediately to be monitored. I went in, and sure enough, contractions. The nurse gave me a shot and sent me home for the weekend. But the contractions came back. So I called again on Monday during my break, and they asked me to come in again.

And that was the last time I set foot in The Mary Evans Child Development Center as an employee. I just didn't know it yet. A few hours later, I was in the hospital hooked up to monitors and IVs. That first day was scary. There's no other word for it. Medication after medication was either pumped into my veins or given to me in pill form. And nothing was working. I sat there staring at the computer monitor watching the little bell curves that indicate a contraction just keep coming. Even when I couldn't feel it.

Finally the last medication, Endocin, worked. My contractions stopped. And I haven't had one since Tuesday at 12:30pm. Suddenly I felt like things were looking up. I am now home and on strict bedrest. I can get up to use the restroom, shower and eat my meals. That doesn't leave a lot of room for nursery preparations. Thankfully, my wonderful mother has rearranged her work schedule to spend the days with me during the week. She is taking on the hosuehold chores and other duties that need to be performed so Eli can keep working and we'll be ready for the babies when the finally get here. (Hopefully NOT SOON!)

The most amazing thing has come from this ordeal, however. Those love letters (prayers) I refered to in a previous post about my dad, are now headed our way. Charlie and Olivia have been beneficiaries of thousands of prayers. I know this is why I am now home and doing well for the time being. People we have never met before are praying for these precious spirits. People we know and love are praying for them. And those prayers are being answered. I had a wonderful conversation with my sister-in-law Emily while I was in the hospital. She was telling me how blessed she felt to be able to pray and fast for Charlie and Olivia. And then she told me how much she loves them. Emily talked about how parents always love their children even before they are born, and how family and friends are always so excited for them, but that somehow, Charlie and Olivia are different. They have made themselves known to us. They are special spirits. It meant so much to me to hear someone else say that...because I feel it. These children have been a part of my life, of our life, for a long time. They are special. They love us as much as we love them. And they are great blessings to us all. I cannot wait to see what influence they have on everyone around them. Just let them stay put for a little while longer.


The Katzbox said...

We're all blessed and honored for the opportunity to fast and pray for Olivia and Charlie. Words don't adequately communicate the bonds that are building between these spirits and this big loving family they're coming into. Who are these people Abby? They must be extremely precious and special to have the effect on us that they do. We can't wait to hold them. No wonder they're coming in pairs, if this was only one baby, we'd be fighting for the chance to play with it or hold it or even feed it or clean up after it. Anything to connect!!! Yep! These are some might special spirits coming our way honey...and thanks for being their "mommy and daddy of choice"....Fasting for them was an extremely spiritual experience-one I'll never forget. I love them so much already...

Anonymous said...

"some might special spirits." i like that.

our very own Frick and Frack. :)

Jessica said...

I am praying for you and your beautiful children too.

Chris and Silvana's World said...

we'll be praying for you and the babies. Everything is going to be just fine! you'll see.
take care


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