Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Red Zone"

I had another Doctor's appointment today. Ultrasound? Yes, please. They measured the babies today and Olivia weighs 1.2 lbs with Charlie weighing in at a whopping 1.3 lbs. They are so small that the .1 difference in weight puts Liv in the 46th percentile and Charlie in the 52nd percentile! But that means that they are right on track size wise. Which is great news. I keep dreading the potential size for these babies. With Eli weighing 11 lbs at birth, who knows what's in store!

Charlie's Profile. There's that nose again. Still large and in charge.

Liv face on.

Olivia's ear. Apparently a rarity for an ultrasound.

I talked with Dr. Melillo about my hands as well, and he assured me that it was probably just carpal tunnel. Nothing we can do aobut it. Oh well...bring on the wrist braces baby!

And finally...I have entered the "red zone". In other words, anything that doesn't look just great could put me on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy. For those who are sensitive to discussing "personal" things, beware! I am now going to tell you about the inner workings of my Hmmm. So, for all of my pregnancy, my cervix has recieived compliments like you can't imagine. I was feeling pretty proud of myself actually! It seems that my cervix was made for carrying babies. Drs. and technicians raved about it! Until today. Dr. Melillo said my cervix is "eh." That's medical speak for "not lookin' so hot." He has not told me to stop working yet, but I am to come in every week to get measured and it is possible that I could be put on bed rest any time now. I am measuring at 32 milimeters, but if I dip into the 20's it's bed rest till the end, and into the 10's gets me a free pass to the hospital till these kiddies are born. He has also ordered me to come home from work and lay down for the rest of the night. That means Eli needs to enroll in some housekeeping and cooking classes pronto! It's all you honey! But really, it's a lot harder to sit there anddo nothing than it sounds. It's amazing how much a person moves every day.

It's also difficult at work as I have made the decision to stop lifting children. That's 60% of my job! I had no idea. But I will do what is necessary to keep Liv and Charlie safe. Needless to say, we are entering a scary time. I have been breazing through this with no problems, but now I'm a little concerned. Which is natural I suppose. So that's the most recent update, but the good news is that every thing else and everyone else looks healthy and right on track. I'll focus on that.


Brown and Serve said...

At my last appointment during my ultrasound the Dr. told me that my baby didn't have a clef (sp?) lip. Not kidding you but the day before I saw a billboard to raise money to help children with clef lips. When the Dr. told me she didn't have one I think at that exact moment I was more excited about that then the fact that she is 50% percentile. But now that reason has set in, I am glad your little ones are right where they need to be to. Now get some rest.

Anonymous said...

every time i put in the pink earring i say, "please, God, make Olivia healthy, whole, happy, and grateful to you." and every time i put in the blue earring, i say, "please, God, make Charlie healthy, whole, happy, and grateful to you."

and every time i go to bed at night i say, "thank you, God, for having made Abby and Eli healthy, whole, happy, and grateful to you."

i think that everything will turn out just fine.

Abbey said...

1. You look adorable!

2. Your mom is so sweet!

3. Glad everyone is doing well!

4. Get some rest. I hated it when people told me that, but now that I'm on the other side....GET SOME REST!!!


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