Friday, October 3, 2008

Hospital Ultrasound

Liv: "no pictures!"
What a drama queen. This pic. is a little hard to make out, but this is a profile of Liv. But she has her hand across her face in a dramatic fainting position. Wonder where she gets that?

Guess who's feet. Eli or Liv?

Charlie's ready for Halloween!
No costume needed. The technicion assured me that his face looks like that because he was being squished by his sister. I sure hope so!
Check out that bulging eye!

Charlie's hand assuring us that all is well.

Charlie looking peaceful. You'd never know the craziness going on outside.
These are some of the ultrasound photos they took in the hospital. Amidst all the angst, it was so nice to see them so often and hear their little hearts beating a couple times a day. It was so reassuring. Through all of this, they have seemingly remained unaffected. I find that so amazing. But I am grateful for this above all else. (They still seem to be just fine. They must be doing gymnastics right now or something!) Well, I must go. It's time to watch General Conference. My last major dose of spirituality for the next few months. Adieu!


Emilia said...

Hey, Abby!! I'm glad that you and babies are well, but what can I do to make your bedrest easier? We're ridiculously close to you, so I will happily run any errands that you need. Food? Do you need meals? Grocery shopping? Trips to the library? Those are places I spend my life anyway, so let me know if I can get anything for emergency Ben and Jerry's. ;)

The Katzbox said...

These are just amazing. I loved the hand over the face that Olivia took...too precious...and Charlie's all-is-well words....

Jessica said...

Wasn't conference great! I have been thinking a lot about you and praying for you. If you need a spirtual boost, I recommend visiting You can listen to/watch archived talks from BYU education week and BYU women's conference. They always get such great speakers and have some amazing talks. Might be a good alternative for one of those Sundays when you are stuck at home on bed rest and need a dose of spirituality.

The Katzbox said...

Eli...I see it.

Abby, Eli and I spoke during his lunch break about the ultrasound photos. He mentioned that he particularly liked the one of Charlie resting so peaceably and I didn't think I'd seen it but TA DAH I just studied it and it is beautiful. I guess I stopped at his little salute! Yea, he looks pretty mellow....and how about those feet of Liv's???


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