Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Coupons, Mom, and My Future

Coupon Mom to the Rescue! I've been watching Oprah. Who doesn't when they're stuck at home on the couch all day. In fact, her show starts in 19 minutes, so I'll have to make this quick! Yesterday she had a helpful show about saving money. One of the features was ,of which I am a member. But I never use it. Because I don't get the newspaper. So every so often I am sent an email with a list of coupons in my area and I just delete it. Not anymore. I'm buying a subscription...Sunday at least. Today I spent a few hours searching tghe website and learning how to use it. It's pretty great if I do say so myself. I highly recommend it. I can't wait to watch our grocery bill plummet! Well, I guess I won't be watching it, Eli will. But I'll reap the benefits. :) I'm excited about this. We'll make it work!

On another note:
I must give a shout-out to my wonderful mother. She has been working herself to the bone around here. Not only does she cater to my every need and desire, she is cleaning, cooking, Fall Decorating, and running errands-that-don't-last-too-long-'cause-what-will-I-do-if-I-need-something-while-she's-gone?? She is amazing, and so helpful. I keep thanking her for every little thing, even though she told me not to, but I can't help it. I am thankful. What would I do without her? Thanks Mom.

And on another note:
On Tuesday I had my frist doctor's appointment since getting out of the hospital. Everything went well. I had my blood glucose levels tested for gestational diabetes. Let's hope I don't have that, as it contributed to a hefty 11 lb. baby boy in the form of my future husband! If I don't hear in the next day or two, I should be good to go. Other than that, Melillo just listened to the babies' heartbeats as there had been no problems since leaving the hospital.

However! As I was waiting to get my blood drawn, I began to hear (faintly at first) what sounded like a child crying. I thought it sounded like a toddler who had badly injured themselves. A few seconds later, the shriek was accompanied by a decidedly infant cry. "That's so hard," was my first thought. Then, as the patients in the waiting room started to strain their necks, and then the receptionists started to strain their necks for a better view of this mother who can't seem to calm her children, I thought, "What is wrong with you people?! How rude can you be?" So I sat there and listened, but did not try to see who was responsible for the noise. About one minute later, they called my name to have my blood drawn. I stood up, turned the corner toward the commotion and ran head first into the culprits. A mother with her 5 1/2 week old twins! A boy and a girl. My life flashed in front of my eyes. That is me in a few months!! By this point, a woman had taken an interest in the mother (though not in a helpful way) and as I continually repeated, "excuse me, excuse me," she would not let me pass. I had to slide behind her with my back up against the wall, watching this new mother try desperately to calm her children. Finally, I made it to the door I was headed for. I wrenched it open, feeling the relief wash over me, and the nurse greeted me with a warm, "Man! Someone out there is NOT happy."

"Two someones," I said.

"Oh, poor woman," she said.

"That'll be me in a few months," I said.

"Oh. You're having twins?"


Polite smile.

Then she walked away to get her supplies ready. That was when my pregnant hormones kicked in and I had to fight not to cry. I'm hitting that part of my pregnancy when I am realizing just what life will be like for a while. Not that I hadn't realized this before, and I'm not really scared, just not sure if my sleep-deprived body will be able to handle it. I'm praying that it will. After the nurse drew my blood, I went back out to the waiting room and had a chance to watch this new mother of twins feed her babies. Now I was staring. Of course, they were now quiet and drinking happily and I thought...yeah, I can do this.


Brown and Serve said...

Yes you can and we are all here to help. I hope you know that when your babies are crying and you are crying with them there is a likely chance that there will be another new mom with a crying baby also crying with her. I'm with you. Can we come cry together when we can't take it alone anymore? Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

oh, abby, you couldn't be more welcome. i am totally loving being your mumsy again. it's been a long time since i was able to make you tomato soup, grilled cheese, mac and cheese, and pickles and yogurt (don't ask, people.) :)

Anonymous said...

and yes, you will be able to do this, ab. you will not only do it, you will do it in your inimitable style, with your inimitable grace.

charlie and olivia have the best mom in the whole wide world.

J. Miyoshi Zuehl said...

Sweetheart, if anyone can do it, YOU certainly can! What scares me is when people (more than one with the same phrase) say "you can't die of sleep deprivation even though sometimes you wish you could" or other slightly varied sentiments. Thanks for the encouragement! right? I've been meaning to call you... I guess you might have some time to chat these days so I'll do it soon.

The Katzbox said...

Abby, I will repeat what that sweet Apostle said at General Conference (I'm drawing a blank on his name but his middle name is "Bittner" and he's a cousin of President Hinkley's and my friend Val). Was it Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin? He was talking about a horrible day he had as a youth where he totally messed up at a baseball game, I think it was, and he ran home and was sitting in his room horrified. His sweet mother came in and said the following words that at first he didn't appreciate but later in life he recognized as pure wisdom. She said, "Come what may, and love it".

Marsha Weidner said...

Abby, We are so pleased for you. I can't think of a greater couple to have twins. You and Eli are special to us. We'll keep you in our prayers and we want to join in this celebration. Love, Bill and Marsha

Brian said...

I've only been at it a week and I only have one (and for most of that week we were in a hospital w/ nurses) --BUT if I know anyone who CAN DO IT with two babies, it's you, Abby! Honest to goodness, you'll be an awesome mom (definitely b/c you have an awesome mom to learn from too!) ;)

Sarah Sabourin (not Brian!)


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