Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ultrasound Photos from August 29th

Here are the ultrasound pictures. Way overdue thanks to finicky computers and a vacation. Hopefully you can make out what everything is. I've tried to give some labels and explanation. Presenting Charlie and Olivia Bowman!


Here's a profile of Charlie.
As I look closer, that nose looks awfully large for a tiny baby.
Anyone else see that? Eli? :)

Another profile pic.

Charlie's face from the front. Or is it a skeleton? Hard to tell.

Charlie's wittle toes! They're all there!

The technician was trying to get a shot of his face, but he was covering it with his hands.
"Please, no pictures!"


This one is amazing to me. Check out that spine.

Olivia's feet. Charlie is looking on from the bottom left corner.

Profile of Olivia. We think she may have some Legge features.

Another profile of Olivia, but that could be Charlie sneaking into the picture on the left.
It's a little hard to tell.

Liv giving the thumbs up sign. All is well.

Future gymnast? Or perhaps just inspired by the recent Olympic games.
But get a load of that flexibility.

Livvy from the front. Again with the skeleton thing.
I'm sure they're really much cuter. :)


Em Dog said...

Too bad they couldn't get a shot of Charlie's ears. . that would really clear up who he looks like! :) These are so precious! We got an ultrasound of Mae at 22 weeks and the profile of her was exactly what she ended up looking like. . .so, maybe there is a little Abby and Eli in there. . . isn't this so amazing!?

Anonymous said...

HOLY MOLY, AB! I have tears in my eyes! OHMYGOODNESS! and there are actually people out there who think this is nothing more than a matter of SCIENCE? puhleeeeeeze!

The Katzbox said...

WOW!!! AND WOW!!! I just discovered these. These are incredible. Is it too much to hope that the boy looks like Eli and the girl like Abby? Would that not be too perfect? We'll adore any and all combinations....let's just get them here....oh, I am just beside myself with these pictures!!!!

Jessica said...

I love the ultrasound pictures, I think you can tell a little bit about how they look from the profiles. Not so much from the skeletor full facial view. I don't really ever want to have twins, but I think they are so neat, so it is really cool to see your pregnancy progress.


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