Friday, August 29, 2008

We Know the Sexes!

Today (August 29) was our third ultrasound...a level II which lasts for about an hour! Everyone is healthy and developing normally. Thank goodness. Now for the good stuff. Baby A is a...
Can you see the little arrow pointing to three lines.
Those are the "girl parts" according the the technician. :)

And Baby B is a...

See the little arrow here?
Doesn't look the same does it?

So one of each it is. They were very active during the unltrasound, but cooperative too. The technician said that she usually has a much harder time finding everything she needs to with twins. It's easier for them to hide I guess. But Baby A, whom we will now call Olivia, is facing head down and she's underneath Baby B, whom we will now call Charlie, is still laying horizontal along the middle of my belly. And I think I feel him a lot more. Olivia seems to be pushing him out of the way, therefore making his space more cramped. At one point, I felt a kick just as I saw Charlie kick up both of his feet! That was so neat! I have never been able to feel and see at the same time.

I have tried and tried to post the ultrasound pics and it won't let me! I will continue in my efforts at a later time.

1 comment:

Em Dog said...

Dear Charlie and Liv. . .
I am beside myself waiting for you. .please take your time, but know when you get here. .. oh, how I will love you!


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