Sunday, September 7, 2008

Torch Lake 2008

We just got back from our annual trip to Torch Lake, Michigan. It was a wonderful week and we did just about everything we wanted to do, except golf. Well...I didn't want to golf. But Eli did. The first few days were in the 80s and beautiful for swimming, boating and jetskiing, but the last three days were in the 60s and rainy. So Eli missed his chance. But we did get a little put-putting in. Hopefully that compensated enough. :) I got a little sinus infection on the drive up on Friday (we spent the night with Leslie and Dustin), but it was not a problem by Monday. But my nose looks a little red in most of the pictures.

We ate at one of our favorite restaurants, The Red Mesa Grill. We didn't make it Pearl's which is our other favorite. Oh well, next year I guess. We spent the colder days window shopping in Traverse City and Alden.

It was a little strange knowing that this was the last Torch Lake trip we would take with just the two of us. Next year we will have baby gear out the wazoo! How will we ever fit it all into our tiny car? We won't. I suppose we'll have to rent a bigger car for the trip. Or buy one, but I doubt that will happen. It was also exciting to think about having Olivia and Charlie there next year. Laura bought them each a Torch Lake romper for our next trip (see below). Eli and I bought them a couple little things as well. As Michigan is the cherry capitol of the world, and Eli is about the biggest cherry fanatic around, we bought these totally cute fabric blocks with cherries on them. They are also developmentally appropriate which appeals to the teacher in me. The fabric is black and white (which is both what babies see at first and is also a huge contrast in color which is stimulating for their brains), and it has red cherries on it(red being a stimulating color as well).

And finally, we bought their first Christmas ornaments. My parents bought me an ornament every year so I would have a good collection for my tree when I left home. Most of the ornaments has something to do with the previous year, and it is so much fun to take them out each year and remember. I really wanted to keep this tradition up for our children. So we searched and searched (you can find ornaments EVERYWHERE there) and weren't finding what we were looking for. Because (we hope) the babies won't be here before Christmas this year, we wanted the ornaments to signify the anticipation of their arrival. I was looking around a final store and was about to leave when I saw this tiny tree with a few baby ornaments on it. And voila! There they were. We got them each an ornament of a stork carrying a baby in a blanket. One blanket is blue and one is pink.

This week has also brought a lot of changes in regards to the pregnancy. I grew out of most of the clothes I brought and had to borrow a few maternity things from my cousin Hagen who's little boy Grey is 4 weeks old! Everyone noticed the growth! And finally Charlie and Livvy are doing some acrobatics I can feel. Every morning and evening, and periodically throughout the day. I love feeling them move. It's such an amazing sensation. Eli finally got his first feel last night. Up until that point, only I could feel their kicks and jabs.

This was me at 19 weeks.
I don't look like that anymore. :)

All in all it was a great trip with plenty of relaxation and fun. Dad also had a good time, though the cold was a little rough for him. But he was eating well and was in an especially good mood the last day of the trip.


Anonymous said...

i love this post, Ab! maybe i won't move to Germany afterall.

love you!

The Katzbox said...

These pics are adorable honey. It's good to see everyone so happy and smiling. I know how beautiful Michigan is, despite its football team :0

Em Dog said...

This was a great entry! Love you and miss you!!


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