Monday, August 25, 2008

About My Pregnancy

*I was hoping that Eli would be able to add his take on some of the following, so I didn't post this right away. Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case, so I have decided to post this now before things are out of date!

I have been using "The Pregnancy Journal: a day-to-day Guide to a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy". So far we're all both healthy and happy so it must be doing the job! Anyway, at the beginning there are several questions to answer about your pregnancy, but because I may use this book again (WHAT?!?!) I didn't want to write in it. Therefore, I will write the questions and answers here.

1. Was your pregnancy planned or a surprise?
Planned. But I don't think that matters because even if you have been trying to conceive for years, it is still a surprise when you see the test turn positive. It definitely was for me.

2. When did you begin to think about having this baby?
I had been thinking about it long before Eli and I were even married! But we had been
discussing actually having a baby for a little more than a year.

3. When did you first suspect you were pregnant?
Margie, my co-worker at Mary Evans Child Development Center actually told me she thought
I was! She knew we had been trying and one day she finally told me to take the test because
some of the "symptoms" I was describing sounded like I was. I took the test the next morning
and voila!

4. When your pregnancy was confirmed, how did you react?
Eli and I actually watched the test at the same time. At first I thought there was only going to
be one line. And just as I said so a tiny, very faint second line began to appear. I knew how
pregnancy tests work and that the intensity of the second line doesn't really matter, but I had
to check the instructions anyway. By the time I read that it indeed did NOT matter, I turned
around and the second line was about as dark as it could get! And so I cried. :)

5. How long did it take to become pregnant? Did it seem quick or slow?
It took us a full year to get pregnant, and no it did not seem quick! But once I took Clomid,
there was nothing to it!

6. What is the best thing about being pregnant?
The anticipation. And starting to feel the babies move. I also love planning and organizing for new life changes, so this is about the biggest one we could have. It's fun for me to make sure we have everything we need and have it where we need it. PREPAREDNESS!

7. What challenges do you foresee with this pregnancy?
Hopefully none! At least nothing serious. It's a little scary with twins because there are just so
many variables that other pregnancies don't have. But I'm hoping that the only challenge I'll
have is being supremely uncomfortable. It's already started. The evenings are rough and I am
having to come up with interesting positions for my body to take the pressure off. Yeah. It's
still early for that.

8. Who were the first to know you were pregnant and what were their reactions?
We called parents first and everyone was just so excited. But the responses to the news that we were having twins were the best. Some people cried, some laughed, and my mom screamed louder than I've ever heard her scream. This is saying something! She's not a quiet woman.

9. What was the first thing you bought specifically for this baby?
A baby gym. The most valued form of entertainment that we have at work. We got one with little animals hanging on it. So cute! This is a must-have in my opinion, and with two babies it will give me a place to lay them where they can be together, safe, and get a little developmental boost as well! :) Other's have contributed to the cause. Mom's first present (one in a loooong line of there's-something-hanging-on-the-doorknob-when-I-get-home-from-work gifts) was a package of green onsies. Also, Mary Beth who is one of the preschool teachers at work gave us a littlegreen bear snuggly. Thanks everyone!

10. What hopes and dreams do you have for your baby?
In my opinion, it's not for me to decide this in any specific kind of way. These are their decisions, because it is their life. But, of course I want what any other parent would want. Happiness, safety and I would definitely add being strong and faithful in the gospel. Other than that, the world is their playground.

11. What are the most important qualities you can nurture as a parent?
In the children or in yourself. If it's a quality the parent's need, my answer is PATIENCE! I'm not sure I have enough of it. For the children, that's harder. But I think I would say faith. It will help them through anything.

12. What were the best things about your parents as parents?
I think they really enjoyed me. I felt that from them. And teaching me values were important to them as well as letting me be myself. And find myself. They love me, and I know that.

13. What role do you see your family playing in your baby's life?
A big one. There is nothing more important to us than family. Hopefully our children will have close relationships with everyone. Even those who live farther away. :(

14. Have you picked out any names? What names would you consider?
Our boy names (because even if we are having two girls, Dr. Melillo could be wrong even to the moment of birth):
Charles "Charlie"
with middle names of Flynn and David. Not sure which is which yet.

Girl names:
Olivia Ruth
Still working on the second name. Possibilities at the current moment are Mia, Sophie, and Caroline.

* This is where we run into the out-of-date issue. We have finally picked our second girl name! The second name is...Drumroll please... Allie Marie! Now I have to take a minute to talk about these two girl names. First of all, Olivia has been a given for a long time now. I'm talking, before we ever got pregnant. We both love the name and it just seemed right. We have a daughter named Olivia out there somewhere, and we've known it for awhile. I just can't wait to meet her. So when we found out that we will most likely have two girls, we both felt like we would know the name when we heard/saw it. Mom is a genuine name machine and came up with almost everything in the book. Totally cute names...but not quite right. And then the other day we were registering at Pottery Barn Kids. PB Kids uses actual names for each line they come out with. So we are walking around the store and spot the "Allie" collection. We both thought it was cute, but it wasn't until later when we discussed it that we realized we both thought it was more than cute. It was right. It's almost as if these names were not even chosen by us, but maybe by the girls. It was such a neat experience.

15. Are there any names to which you would say, "Absolutely not!?"
Yes, there are many. :) Ask my mom.

16. Do you want to know as soon as you can if it's a girl or a boy? Why or why not?
We would have without having twins, but especially with them we want to know. First, it's hard to wait! Second, I'm too much of a planer. And third, it helps us get to know our children a little bit before they actually arrive.

17. What one thing do you want your baby to be sure to have that you didn't?
Temporally, I want them to have an appreciation of work. I don't know how much influence I can have on that, but it's been a lifelong stuggle for me. Spiritually, I want them to have the gospel in their home (in full force) while they are growing up. And I want them to know that their family is eternal, we will always be together, in this life and the next. Other than that, my childhood was pretty great. A lot of that experience will influence the decisions I make as a mother and a wife.

18. Whose facial and physical characteristics do you want your baby to inherit?
This is a hard one! A mixture of both of us would be great. Mom is afraid they will inherit her crooked hair though. Oh! But they really should have my big toe (and mom's big toe). It's a very cute family trait. :) Mostly I will be interested to see which characteristics are dominant. Everyone on my Dad's side of the family looks A LOT alike. But Eli's family has strong family resemblances too. It's a war of the genes!

19. Whose emotional and personality characteristics do you want your baby to inherit?
The best of both. Eli is so patient and humble. And he can let things go more easily than I can. But I hope they have my ability to adequately deal with things that bother them, however they choose to do that. Eli is also so curious and excited about things. And he's funny. It definitely makes life more enjoyable.

20. What tasks do you need to accomplish before this baby is born?
Hmmm...make sure the people we rent from put in new carpet and flooring. Their really going to do it! Finish registering at Babie's R Us. Order bedroom furniture. Put everything away, and get things set up. Thuroughly clean the house. Make and freeze some dinners for immediately after homecoming. Take some classes, tour Riverside Hospital, get life insurance, make a will, start college/missionary funds for the babes. The holidays will hit at the end of the pregnancy, so I should probably do Christmas shopping well in advance. Thank goodness for the internet! Is that enough?


Anonymous said...

now that's something i will re-read and re-read and re-read and re-read.

and re-read.

btw, i think you have already done your Christmas shopping. there ain't nothin' at the mall that can top this.


Abbey said...

no punctuation...i'm nursing....this was fun to read! i love olivia and allie...very nice choices. not that you need my opinion. anyway, thanks for sharing.

katzbox said...

What a lovely journal...the ladies are blessed to have you and Eli as parents...isn't it loverly when the blessings work both ways?...


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