Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fourth of July

This entry is coming a little late, but hey, there has been a lot to blog about lately! But I did want to make sure I chronicled some of the events of the day. On a more somber note, I did want to mention some of the things I was feeling while we watched the Worthington fireworks. (They weren't so terribly spectacular, but it was still enjoyable.) I kept watching Jaden and thinking that these were her first fireworks. Kind of exciting! And then I would think about my Dad and the fact that he is fighting cancer, and even though I am confident that he will see the fireworks next year, it made me stop and consider life a little. I am appreciating these little moments that are really so special. I love my Dad so very much, and it's hard to watch him hurting and battling his body. But we're all praying, and I know that things will turn out okay. As my Mom wisely said, "It already is okay." Because the Savior has made it okay. But my hope is that "okay" will be cancer free and living a long happy life, however I know the Lord knows best.

I wanted to record some of my thoughts and feelings on this subject, but now let's move on to happier things. Of course, what's a holiday without pictures?

Sullinger Family at the Worthington Fireworks.

Katherine, Connor, Jalen, and Jaden

Ahh! Loves.

"Check out my cool, glowing jewelry!"

My Dad and Me.

She slept through the first half of the fireworks.
(She didn't miss much.)

The hubby and me.
And two little babies!
Happy 4th!


Anonymous said...

I wish your dad all the best, too, Ab, and I am pulling for him with all my heart. Per is, too.

And the good news is, your dad has already beaten this. He has beaten it because of what Christ did for all of us about 2,000 years ago.


katzbox said...

Well said Nancy. Abby, Heavenly Father hears your dad's name on a regular basis...ain't that grand? many people are praying on his behalf...Love is a great and powerful thing...LOVE YOU!!!!


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