Friday, July 11, 2008

Baby Poems

Because I am using this blog to document important things in our lives, especially regarding our children, I wanted to post anything that has significance for us. My mother had a professor once, Dr. Hartje is his name, and he seems to be the one who really spurred on Mom's love of poetry. I think I remember meeting him once, but I was very little. However, I have heard so much about him over the years, that I feel as thougt I know him well.

They still keep in touch and will often write poems to eachother. These are two poems that Dr. Hartje wrote about our babies. To better help you understand them, you must know that Dr. Hartje also knows my Grandpa and Grandma Rankin well. He is also a Democrat, which matters only because my Grandparents AREN'T. So there is always some good-natured poking fun at the other's expense. The first poem is when we had just found out that we were pregnant, and Mom was excited to share the news...


"just barely" baby boy or girl.
Welcome committees await your
arrival, with granma especially
excited about this new role she
will soon be playing in life. Enjoy
your brief stay in the womb where
Iraq, taxes and gasoline play no
great part in your planning for
a grand entrance in about 9

But it was much exciting for an
an ole man who is almost
a ersatz great granpa in your behalf
but it even better for you to
initiate a greeting from granma
as her enthusiam for you coming
led her to sign the letter
written from somewhere
"over the moon" with a much appreciated
"Hugs and love", even though I
know she will be votieng for
McCain, which does raise some

But yet unnamed one:
Don't let politics get
caught up in your head as you
begin the process of thinking,
which in itself can be dangerous,
but hang on to these love gens
that your mom and granma have,
and your great granpa and ma
are loving people, too, but be
careful of their voting record,
which you must mull over for
l8 years before you become
the first l8 year ole democrat to
be elected president.

"uncle" ole bob

I wrote back suggesting that our child might even be the first Mormon President. He said he would love that, but we probably wouldn't make it that long without one. :)

And when he found out we we're having twins...

Twins, Twins, proud Grammy high as the wind,,
calling the neighbors, telling her best friend,
Then calling 'em later and telling 'em again.
Jus' think, she is thinkin, them grankids are gonna
be part of my kin.
And Per lookin' sheepish as he asks Nancy:
Honey, where is the gin?

Gosh, I hope that one of them kids ain't
really a clone.
I better call Daddy, hope he'll be all alone.
if he isn't it;ll be mom a answer the phone.
and she'll jus' smile and say "there's something
important these kids should known,
I guess they must be playing
in some faraway zone.

But twins make people happy cause you get two
for the price of just one.
Together, they'll keep the party rocking
and that should be fun
I guess it would be nicer if one were a daughter
and the other a son.
But very quickly you'll know that for the proud
parents a new life has surely begun.
and they'll feel like the lottery they've just won.
martha and bob


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