Tuesday, July 8, 2008

First Ultrasound

Today was our first ultrasound. It went well and everyone looks healthy and happy. There were hands waving and feet kicking. So cute! It was so amazing to watch the pictures on the machine. There was so much movement and I couldn't feel a thing! Eli was sick today with a temperature of 101.5 degrees, but he wasn't going to miss this for anything. And it's a good thing he came along. We learned a lot.

This is our baby! Cute little profile picture.

And this is our OTHER little baby!!
We're having Twins!!

When we went in for the ultrasound, we knew that twins were a definite possibility and we were excited to find out once and for all. When Dr. Melillo showed us the image of Baby A (as he/she will now be known) we were so amazed to see the little face. Eli stood up to get a closer look and the Dr. told him to step back, "you'll want to sit down for this." So Eli sat, and sure enough, Baby B popped onto the screen! Personally, I was not surprised. I just had a feeling that we weren't having just one. But to have it confirmed was certainly an experience of a lifetime. It still feels surreal. Eli is super excited but still a little stunned I think. This gives us a lot to think about and consider now, but we couldn't be happier.

Of course, we had to call everyone and tell them immediately. Laura cried a little, Dad was just so happy, Mom screamed for about a minute straight, Debbie laughed and cried, and everyone was so excited. And no one seemed to believe us at first. Everyone kept saying, "What?! Really?! Really?!" Yes! Really!

So now that we are having twins, this makes it a high-risk pregnancy, which means that I will get an ultrasound at almost every visit. But everything is going well and everyone is healthy. That's the most important thing. Now we have lots to think about and consider. It's a whole different ball game now! And we can't wait to experience it.


Anonymous said...

I am still screaming, and I have the hoarseness to prove it! (Well, actually, the hoarseness is courtesy of flu/bronchitis, but it sounds so much better to say that it's because of this WONDEROUS news!)

Per and I are so over the moon we cannot believe it.

Little Bowman babies, hello! A thousand hands are out here waving hello!

Stephanie Jette said...

I am so over thrilled!!! I had a feeling that out of all of us ya'll would be the one's to have twins. I think it's just amazing!! More tadpoles to love!!

J. Miyoshi Zuehl said...

OH MY GOSH! How exciting! Congratulations... AGAIN!

Brian said...

Congratulations Eli and Abby. Eli, I am sorry that I thought that you were in the Teddy Gram Phase. That occurs at 8.5 weeks. I can now see clearly from your pictures that you are in the Alien Phase (~10.5 weeks) ;)

Jessica said...

That is amazing. I had already heard a rumor of twins, so I had to jump on here and confirm it. Wow!


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