Thursday, March 6, 2014

Triplets' 2.5 year Letters

Dear Jack, Luke, and Wendy,

I almost didn't even write this round of letters. Not because I don't care. And not because I don't want to remember this time in your lives. But simply because I am tired. Having three toddlers in the house has proven to be more taxing than your Daddy and I could have imagined. It requires CONSTANT vigilance, more energy than we ever seem to have, and a whole lot of patience...something I can ALWAYS use more of. But here it is, 10:35 pm, and I have decided to give this a shot. It will be short and sweet, but I am going to document a few things about each of you that I just don't want to forget. So here it goes...


You have an incredible love affair with your cars. You ask about them in the morning, and you are concerned about them when you lay down for nap or when we tuck you in at night. "Where caws go? Where caws go?" you ask. We must tell you repeatedly that your cars are sleeping soundly and comfortably in their bin in the playroom. You give them baths in the dollhouse, and tuck them into the tiny crib there as well. You spend the entire day driving them up, and down, and around. But when you aren't playing with your cars, you really enjoy coloring, singing, and dancing.

I love the way you speak. Charlie and Livy are "Crawa" and "Wawa." You and Luke call Wendy, "Danny," which is just fabulous. :)

My favorite thing about you right now is how very sweet you are with everyone. You give me kisses by gently grabbing my cheeks and pulling my face toward yours. You are just the most incredible snuggler, and I love every minute. And you try to comfort your siblings when they are sad,which is just precious.



You are are into EVERYTHING, my love! You want to play in the sinks, unload the refrigerator, check out the knives, throw food and drink on the floor, tear stuff off the walls, etc. It's your thing. Toys don't really interest you much, and when they do, they don't hold your attention for long. I think the warm weather will be your very best friend...if I can figure out a way to keep you in the yard.

By far, you are my most independent child. You have taught yourself how to put on your boots, you throw trash away when you find it, you want to help me cook, clean, and do just about anything you see me doing.

In the past few months, you have really come to care for your siblings. You often ask where they are if you can't find them, and you try to include them in whatever activity you are engaged in (which often results in total chaos, but that's ok. :) ) It is so much fun to watch you interact with them. And it has been a joy watching your affectionate personality come back to the foreground. For a while, the happiness that you were born with seemed to fade a bit, but you are once again the very happy guy you were in the beginning.



You have really blossomed in regards to your personality, lately. You are fun, happy, and goofy. You love to dance and sing, and you are developing your very own tiny sense of humor. It's so cute!

Daddy has written little songs for each of you, and you love to sing through all of them at bedtime. In just a few short weeks, you have learned a large portion of most of the songs, which is rather impressive! You love to sing so much that after we finish one song, you say, "sing song?" And you won't stop until we finally have to tell you that it's your turn to sing to your "Yaya" (dolly) so that we can go tuck the rest of the children in. And what's awesome is that you do!

After 5 years of raising children, we finally have a jealous one. You are my first and only child who REALLY gets bothered when I am spending time with another or otherwise. Screaming is the first method of attention getting, but you have been known to physical remove a child from my lap and then flail your limbs to prevent them from returning to the coveted place. It's proven quite difficult to read to anyone or generally spend any time with others while you are around. But I take it as a compliment, and am happy that you love me so much. So I'll let you in on a little secret...


So that's a small, quick glimpse into your 2.5 year old selves. I love you all dearly, and there are things I will treasure about this time. But I'm not gonna lie. We're in survival mode over here. And now I need to go to bed...and hopefully everyone will sleep soundly tonight. I look forward to your smiling faces in the morning.



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desertdeb said...

LOVE. THIS. They are so amazing and so different. They each laugh so easily, and love to play. I adore them and their parents. They're perfect.


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