Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Merry Christmas, 2013

This was a truly wonderful Christmas! The kids were so excited, and incredibly grateful for all they received. Luke was especially polite, saying, "thank you momma!" Jack loved all of his new cars and art supplies. Wendy enjoyed watching ask of the chaos going in around her. Charlie spotted through his presents, only to realize that he had to watch everyone else finish opening theirs, while he had nothing left to unwrap. Liv was in love with her doll house (which took us 4.5 hours to assemble), and went back and forth between coloring and playing house all day.

I didn't need to remind my kids to say thank you. Not because I've "ingrained" it in them, but because they really were grateful. Luv have each of us such thoughtful gifts. Trophies and ribbons saying how great we were. And made Eli and me a MOUNTAIN of homemade ornaments, and she was so proud of her creations, and I love them all. Charlie got rainbow slime. Which may sound silly, but it was perfect because Charlie bought her the same thing! Her gifts were so full of love. Charlie took his purchases seriously. I could tell he thought long and hard about what each person would like.

All in all, love abounded. It was crazy, loud, and wild, but it was perfect. Merry Christmas!

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