Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things.

Conversation with Charlie during bath time. He has been very fascinated with death lately...trying to understand it:

Charlie: Dad, does Jesus keep us safe?
Daddy: Yes, buddy, He keeps us safe.
C: When we get old will we die?
D: At some time or another we all die, Charlie..but mostly when we are old.
C: Does Jesus keep us safe when we are old?
D: He ALWAYS keeps us safe, we just need to make sure 
we make good choices for ourselves. You see, if we choose the right and follow Jesus then He will keep us safe until we are very old, and then we can die because we have lived for so long. But remember, we can also make bad choices that aren't safe and we can die before we are old (deep, I know).

Realization of the answers of all of his "dying" questions finally dawned on Charlie. And then he said this gem:

C: So, when I die when I am very old, I will go to see Jesus. And then I will go into my house there and see my family. We will see each other and we will talk to each other.
D: That's right, Charlie...and then we will never die again.
C: I love you, Dad.


Charlie and Livy ask us to sing "On Top of Spaghetti" to them every night as we tuck them in. So Eli and I do our 2 person "barbershop" version (cause we're cool like that.) After one such song, Charlie waited a beat and then...

Charlie: Mommy will always get me another meatball.
Eli: (laughing) Yes she will.
C: But we never HAVE meatballs.
Me: No, I've never made them have I?
C: We have to go to the store to buy them!
E: What store would we go to for meatballs, Charlie?
C: The Fonzi store!
E: Heeeeey!


Tucking Liv in, SHE asks us to sing "On Top of Peesketti."

Me: (singing) On top of Peesketti!
Liv: No Mommy! Not PEEsketti! It's peesketti! 


Eli: Charlie, I love you. I love you now, and I'll love you in the morning.
Charlie: That makes me want to hug you.
E: That makes me want to hug you too.

 (they hug)

C: ok. Now stop.


Olivia was asking me all of our family members' middle names. After answering all her questions she says...

Liv: And my name is "Roof" Olivia Bowman.
Me: Well, it's Olivia Ruth Bowman. But yes.
L: Olivia "Roof"? But Mom! A roof is on top of the house!


The other day Livy told Grammy, "My Mommy always be busy." Which, of course, made me feel terrible. However true that statement may have been. So I decided to talk with her a little bit about it. In the course of that talk, I told her that even though I missed her when she was at Miss Jen's (our babysitter), and that I wished she and Charlie could stay with me on those days, I was so glad that she had friends there and people who loved her. And that I was so happy that she loved Miss Jen too. Then she said...

Liv: Yes. But Mommy, I love you better.

'Nough said.


Charlie was holding a toy plane.

Charlie: Mom, what's that? (pointing to the nose of the plane.)
 Me: That's called the "nose."
C: (pointing again) Are those the boogers in the nose?
M: (examining the plane) No. The paint is just chipping.


Charlie was pretending that Eli was Santa. When asked what he wanted for Christmas, he replied, "A football helmet, and a big giant building in China that goes up to the wall." 

And this, friends, is where we run into problems with the whole Santa thing.


On his way to go play with Olivia...

Charlie: I have to go sleep with my Grandma 'cause I'm Santa Clause.

We didn't explain Santa very well.


Olivia: Charlie, I love you because you are so kindful.


Charlie (just before turning 4): Two more birthdays and then I will be 5!

Nice math skills! :)


charlie: gram, olivia knocked my truck over.
gram: olivia, did you knock charlie's truck over?
olivia: yes.
gram: olivia, i need you to tell charlie you're sorry.
olivia: sorry.
gram: olivia, you need to say it like you mean it.
olivia: sorry i mean it.


During family prayer one night...

Charlie: Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for...our city. And bless it to be safe and to not crack. It already has too many cracks. Please fix it. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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Eli Bowman said...

Hahaha!! Some of these were funny when they happened but they ALL are more hilarious when reading them AFTER the fact.


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