Monday, August 20, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things

We are sitting at a stoplight when Charlie notices a Napa van next to us.

Charlie: Hey! That car is wearing a hat!!


Liv: Gammy, sing another song.

Gammy: *thinking*

Charlie: Sing the knock, knock song!

Gammy:  I don't know that song.

Charlie: Yes you do. Knock, knock!

Gammy: Like a Knock, Knock joke?

Charlie: Yeah!

Gammy:  Ok. Knock, Knock!

Charlie: Come on in!


Charlie: I'm sad.

Eli: Why?

Charlie: The worm died.

Me: How?

Charlie: Like this! *closes eyes and drops head to the side.*


As a family we sometimes play a little game in which we call each other silly names like "marshmallow cheeks," or "nose gobbler". Tonight Charlie called me "busted trash." Best. Ever.


Livy saw a picture of Grammy on MooMoo's phone. This happened:

Livy: Hey Moo Moo! That's Gwammy.

MooMoo: Yep, that's Gwammy!

L: Moo, it's "Ga-WA-mee".

M: That's what I said. Gwammy.

L: You not sayin' it wite.

M: I said it just like you.

L: No, you said it wong. It's GA-WHAAA-MEEE.

M: GRRRRRaaaammmeeee.

L: You got it.

M: My bad. Thanks, Liv.


Jack: Da da da da da

Wendy: Da da da da da

Luke: Da da da da da

Jack: Ma ma ma ma ma


Charlie likes me to sing "Henry the 8th" with him every night when I tuck him in. It's cute. Tonight he decided we should change the words.

Me: I'm Henery the 8th I am!

Charlie: No, not that one! Sing Tinky Ducks! I'm Tinky Ducks! *giggle*

Both: I'm Tinky Ducks the 8th I am! Tinky Ducks the 8th I am, I am. I got married to the widow next door. She's been married 7 times before, and every one was a Tinky Ducks. She wouldn't have a Willy or a Sam. No Sam! I'm her 8th old man I'm Tinky Ducks. Tinky Ducks the 8th I am!


At breakfast:

Liv: Good Afternoon, Mommy.

Me: It's the morning Liv.

L: Huh?

M: It's the morning, not the afternoon.

Charlie: Good After Morning, Mommy!

M: Good After Morning, Charlie. :)


nancy said...

cutest kids in the whole wide world.

desertdeb said...

Bwahahaha I am so happy that these are captured forever. I laughed at every single one of these. They're HYSTERICAL!!!! Thanks for keeping track and sharing them with each of us. We love and appreciate you so much.

Ed Maceyko said...

Awesome. My next band is going to be called "Busted Trash".

Lisa McConnell said...

Busted trash....I'm still laughing out loud. Love it.

Lisa McConnell said...

Busted trash....I'm still laughing out loud. Love it.

Jamie said...

In the spirit of these darling posts, you MUST listen to this!!


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