Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to School

I've been feeling very sentimental the past few days. With everyone going back to school, I always get a little nostalgic, but this year it's hitting me extra hard. There are multiple reasons for this, I'm sure.

First, my babies will be a year old in just two short weeks! CAN'T. BELIEVE. IT. Second, this is the last year that Charlie and Olivia will not be in school all day, every day. This special time when they are home with me is drawing to a close. Third, we decided (kind of last minute) to send the twins to an in-home preschool on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. It is taught by a sister in our ward, and I am excited for them to have this experience. And fourth, we have enrolled Olivia in gymnastics (she starts next Thursday) and Charlie in T-ball (he starts two weeks from today, and Eli will be coaching). With the exception of a brief stint in Tumble Tots, this will be their first foray into the world of extra-curriculars. From this point on, our lives just got a little crazier! And a whole lot busier.

And so, as I watch everyone else send their kids back to school, I am preparing myself to enjoy and cherish the rest of my children's first years. And hoping it doesn't go too quickly.


Kelly said...

You will be busy, my friend! But oh so fun for them! Excited to see pics of it all and I too cannot believe it is one year already- where on earth did that year go?!!!!!

Eli Bowman said...

Why are you trying to make me cry here at work? ;)

nancy said...

ditto that, eli. sheesh!


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