Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Olivia's Facts-in-Five

1. Olivia has become a little fashionista. She has definite opinions about what she wants to wear, she is absolutely obsessed with make-up (though she doesn't get to wear it often), she wants to show off her outfits to anyone who will pay attention, gets a little peeved when they don't seem to care enough, and is always saying things like, "Mom, I love your dress!"

2. Along with the development of this infatuation with how she looks, she has also developed a bit of a mean-girl attitude. This is not an endearing phase. :/ Although sometimes she gets confused and says in a sassy, completely exasperated teenage type of tone, "Mom! I love you!" This is one of those moments when it's pretty hard to keep a straight face. And really, how do you respond? "Don't use that tone with me young lady! But I love you too."

3. She is still a dancing machine! And she has been working on adding new "moves" to her repertoire.

4. Her prayers are starting to include more people and now tend to be lists of people she loves...including people's pets. And when we leave someone out that she thinks we should have included, she'll shout out in the middle of the prayer, "Bless Miss Jen!" So cute.

5. Liv is becoming such a wonderful big sister. When any of the babies are sad, she's right there to try and cheer them up. And she is usually successful. Especially with Luke, who laughs at her and makes her feel so good about herself. She loves her new brothers and sister so much. And they are equally as in love with her. :)


nancy said...

she's not just a fashionista.....she's a fashionista criticista. she told me the other day that my shirt was "too sad."

Eli Bowman said...

Even after nearly 3 and a half years of life......she is still my beautiful Peach.


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