Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Olivia came into the nursery as I was changing a baby. She had a Dr. Suess book with her and said she wanted to read to me, so I told her to have a seat in the rocking chair and read to me. This is what I heard.

Olivia: "Pon a time, there was a biiiiiig...(very long pause)...I can't read."


Charlie enjoys taking his flashlight and "going into the dark" to do some ghost hunting. (Not sure where he got that interest from...I'm looking at you MooMoo. :) ) Anyway, he was using his flashlight in our dark hallway:

Charlie: Mommy look!

Me: What Charlie?

Charlie: (holding his flashlight flush with the floor so as to make the light dimmer) My ghost died!

Me: Well that's ironic.


We read a book to the kids before bed each night. We also sing a song, and lately the kids have been wanting to hear the "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" song. So, the other night, Liv picked out her little illustrated Bible to read. But she decided that she wanted to read to me. She turned to the story about Jesus' birth and began.

Liv: "Pon a time, there was a biiiiig giant. And Jesus woke up, and broke up the party as He beat it out of there. The girl with blond hair."


Liv: *gasp* Where's that sound coming from?!

Me: What sound?

We hear the sound again.

Liv: That sound! From the bathroom! Where's that sound coming from?!

...perhaps we should work on the definition of the word where.


Wendy: aaa-gha!


Jack: Ga!


Luke: Hah.


Went to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch with Mom, the twins and the triplets. When it came time to pay Mom said to Charlie, "Charlie, did you bring your money to pay the bill?" And he said, "Yes." And she said, "Where is it?" And Charlie said, "In your purse."


Kelly said...

OH my word how cute!! I love their language, and I can totally hear Olivia speaking in the way you wrote that!! Love her!

Kennedy said...

LOVE the story about Olivia asking where the sound from the bathroom was coming from! I was cracking up!

Leslie said...

I am dying over the "I can't read" part. Liv, you are a silly girl.

desertdeb said...

These are PRICELESS!!!! I am cracking up! Oh wow, Abby, I will have these memorized before long. I told Peter about the pizza story and he LOST IT.

And yes....the ghost hunting...mea culpa....



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