Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This-and-That Tuesday

1. Last Friday, Eli and I took the triplets to Children's Hospital to finally have Jack and Luke circumcised. They didn't do it in the hospital because there were a few issues with Jack maintaining a good body temperature, and so we chose to take the babies home with us rather than do the circumcision a few days after my release. But that meant we had to wait until they were four months old to have it done at Children's. Apparently, the waiting list there is incredible. Luke was NOT happy about the whole thing, but after he calmed down later that day, he's been fine. So has Jack, thank goodness. They are back to normal now, and completely unbothered by the procedure. Wendy especially. :) Lucky girl.

2. On Saturday, our friends Abbey and Nic Niebel came over to give us their wonderful baby gift...they painted the awful paneling in our living room! We went with an off-white color with white trim and it looks soooooo much better. Now I just have to find/make some colorful things for the walls. :)

3. Also on Saturday, Jack succumbed to the discomfort and pain of some major constipation. 5 days without a significant BM, poor little guy. He screamed and didn't sleep, and kept his siblings awake all day. Needless to say, we were all pretty miserable. He was up for an hour that night, and after some prune juice on Sunday, he finally had some relief. But he wasn't back to his normal, smiley self until Monday. I stayed home with the babes on Sunday so that they could catch up on some much needed sleep.

4. Today, Charlie is sick. He had a pretty nasty cough and fever last night, but seems to be doing better this afternoon. Fever is gone and the cough hasn't been too bad.

5. Amid Jack's trouble sleeping this weekend, he seems to have rejected the pacifier when going to sleep. He has been a non-stop paci fan since birth, but I guess, at four months, he's decided he's to big for that! Instead, he cries for about a minute or two and then drifts off to sleep. No complaints here!

6. Luke is transitioning out of the swaddle. We always have at least one arm out, and during nap I'll sometimes do two.

7. Due to all of these sleeping changes, we now have a much better and more scheduled napping and sleeping schedule for the babies. It's wonderful. This is the first of a zillion transitions, but it'll be nice while it lasts. :)

8. Liv is sick now too. *sigh*

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