Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bed Rest: Day 120

As it turns out, bed rest hasn't really ended for me like I thought it would. I'm home now, but still on bed rest. Let me just say that bed rest at home at this point is physically brutal! I huff and puff my way to the bathroom. There's no chair in the shower here, so I've been taking baths...and getting myself out of the tub is quite a feat! I've also decided that we have WAY too much furniture, as I have stubbed the little toe on my left foot 5 times since I've been home! My belly is just too big for me to see my feet and the surrounding furniture. But all in all, I am so glad to be back with my family.

The other thing that changed is that we decided not to have the c-section on September 2nd. Which is rather obvious, as this is the 3rd and I am still pregnant. Melillo thought things were going well, so we all thought it best to give the triplets as much time baking as possible. But we finally have a definite due date. Jack, Luke, and Wendy will arrive on Tuesday, September 6th. We have reached one of my initial goals for this pregnancy, which was to carry these babies longer than Charlie and Liv. Now I am just hoping and praying that they will weigh more too. And if the ultrasounds are accurate, they probably will.

So now we are just playing the waiting game and enjoying our family. :)


Valerie said...

Good luck on Tuesday! Hope things go smoothly. And I have some baby presents to drop off sometime. I'll FB you to see when a good time would be. I would love to see the babies but I know how hectic things can be right after birth :)

nancy said...

valerie.......never mind how hectic things can be right after birth, birth, birth! :)


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