Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

On a recent visit to the hospital, Olivia decided she did NOT want to put her shoes back on when it was time to leave. So, in true toddler fashion, she threw a tantrum like no other. Charlie stood there watching with a look of fear on his face. As Moo Moo wrestled with Liv, I asked Charlie to come to me.

Me: Charlie, does it bother you when Livy acts like that?

Charlie: Yeah. It's scary.

Me: She's safe though Charlie. She's just angry and doesn't know how to tell us with her words. But she will be okay. Listen, be helpful for Moo Moo when you leave. Stay close to her, okay?

Charlie: Okay.

Moo Moo picks up a screaming Liv and everyone heads for the door. As Moo Moo turns to close the door behind her, Charlie runs to the Nurses' Station, spreads his arms and yells,

"Run! Run!"

...and takes off down the hallway.

He's learning quickly. :)

Charlie and Liv took turns letting Daddy wrap them up in the curtain in my hospital room. After Charlie had gone twice, and Livy once, Eli told them that Liv had one more turn and then they were done. He wrapped Liv in the curtain and she laughed and laughed. When she was done, of course, Charlie wanted another turn.

Eli: Charlie, you both had two turns. We're done now.

Charlie: But, I just want a turn after we hang Livy!
Olivia: Daddy, I like Taylor Swift.

Does she know who Taylor Swift is?
Olivia: Daddy, I just want to hold you.
Olivia: Charlie, you have issues.

Charlie was holding a box of tissues. :)
Charlie was playing underneath a wooden shelf.

Moo Moo: Charlie, watch your head!

Charlie: I CAN'T watch my head Moo Moo.

What a perceptive little guy.
While sitting on the potty...

Oivia: MooMoo, baby, you need to think BIG!
Eli asked Charlie to smile so he could check for any pieces of food that might be caught in his teeth.

Charlie: Daddy, why smile? You don't have a camera.


Valerie said...


nancy said...

love them to pieces.

The Katzbox said...

You know, my absolute favorite time to listen to Livvy is when (and I realize this sounds terrible), is when she's going potty before bed time. She's killing time so she becomes very animated and chatters incessantly about the cutest things. I just sit on the side of the time and I think, "please oh please oh please remember every word she's saying, every arm wave, every hand motion, and every facial expression, because these times will never pass my way again"...and treasure every moment. Priceless.

The Katzbox said...

Here's another little custom that has evolved. Before bed, Charlie has me come in and we sit side by side on his bed and we talk about how safe his room is. He points to his various toys on the floor (remember his room is very dark so I'm relying on his excellent memory and eye sight), and he tells me what the toys are as a measure to remind himself (and me) not to be afraid of them. Sometimes they come up into the bed as he ticks them off, one by one, because I'm directed to put them in his bed. Then he asks that we say a prayer and again, the room is deemed safe. We do our little "sheep in the field" sleeping ritual and he smiles and kisses me goodnight.

The twins are magical. They have super powers. They cause me to realize the joy and abandon that "2" is. I am discovering life with them. The fact that their verbal skills are less than collegiate just adds to the fun of discovery and certainly doesn't detract from their ability to convey what they mean. Those spirits are strong and highly communicative. They pick you up and swing you along with them in whatever they are doing.

So...they're powerful in addition to being magical.

I have been enormously blessed.


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