Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bed Rest: Day 100!!!!!!

100 things I am thankful for/that...

1. Hospital towels. It's post-shower exfoliation!
2. The wonderful nurses here at Riverside. They're not just nurses, they're friends.
3. My MIL and the amazing love she has for her children and grandchildren. She made such a sacrifice to help our family during this challenging time.
4. My own mom, for her care, love and service to our family...and of course, her laundering skills!
5. Dr. Jason Melillo. A Dr. who goes above and beyond the call of duty; and who is cool enough to come to my room and hang out for an hour to laugh with me and the nurses.
6. My Husband. Eli stepped up to the plate and did what was required. He's never complained about the stress and significant work increase that has come with living as a single parent. In fact, he has only expressed how much he cherishes this time with Charlie and Liv. What an exceptional father he is!
7. The sisters at church who bring my family two meals a weak to help ease the work load.
8. The sisters at church who have rotated weeks and taken Charlie and Liv out for play dates.
9. The family and friends who have donated clothing, equipment, diapers and formula.
10. All of the visitors I've had here at the hospital.
11. All of the visitors who also brought me meals and snacks!
12. Hospital ice and orange juice!!
13. The High Risk Support group here at Riverside.
14. Wheelchair rides outside.
15. Missing the record breaking high temperatures this summer!
16. Barely any swelling.
17. Bath and Body body washes. :)
18. Netflix online streaming.
19. Hulu.
20. Cable.
21. Good books.
22. Hospital beds that conform to your body.
23. Pillows. Especially my gray body pillow Eli has affectionately named "The Iron Curtain".
24. Make-up, good hair dryers, and toenail polish.
25. The time and ability to THINK, CONTEMPLATE AND FEEL.
26. The spiritual knowledge and growth that come from the time to do the above.
27. The view out of my window. At first glance it's just the side of a building with some windows, but when you find out that all of the other rooms have a view of a brick wall and giant fan, you find the beauty in those windows.
28. Charlie and Olivia. Their energy and love makes this whole thing so much easier for me. I look forward to their 3 weekly visits more than anything.
29. Frequent ultrasounds that allow me a brief glimpse of the triplets once every week or two.
30. My ability to SLEEP. Oh my. I have no problem sleeping at night! It helps that Dr. Melillo gave the order to stay out of my room during the night shift. Oh yeah!
31. TED hose that I wear to give my bruised and welted legs a break from all the heparin shots.
32. Heparin shots, that keep me from wearing those ugly TED hose! :)
33. Terrible service from the Dietary department. It has given me a cause to work for. I'm gonna make some changes here!
34. Blogs, email, Pinterest, Facebook and Google +.
35. My family was not at home when lightning hit the tree in our front yard and the largest branch fell into our driveway...where our van would have been parked.
36. Feeling these babies move. I just can't get enough of that feeling.
37. Clean sheets everyday.
38. Never having to clean my room.
39. Showers.
40. The calm and peace that I feel.
41. Pandora
42. TLC
43. Having everything within reach.
44. Gray, cozy days.
45. Bright, sunny days.
46. The giant humidifier that is now residing in my previously dry room.
47. Loaded baked potatoes and taco salad that they added to our menu selections.
48. Afternoon naps.
49. The wrist brace for the carpal tunnel in my left hand.
50. Sundays in the hospital, and how they force me to make conscious choices to focus on the Savior.
51. My laptop.
52. The "Words With Friends" app on my phone.
53. My ability to connect with the babies that are on the way.
54. That I don't have to worry about household chores for a while. :)
55. The reflection of the sky in the windows across from my room.
56. Having the scriptures on my phone.
57. Pepcid and Maalox!
58. Skype!
59. Blogger, which allows me to keep a record of this time in our lives.
60. Eli's T-shirts...because that's about all that fits me now.
61. Having someone to clean my room everyday.
62. The little personal pizzas you can order from the cafeteria.
63. Pictures and videos of what Charlie and Liv have been doing this summer.
64. How the kids get excited when they see my face pop up on the computer screen.
65. Eli being able to take his FMLA time a little early. It's done wonders for everyone to have him home with the Charlie and Olivia before the babies arrive.
66. I can still reach my toes to paint them!!
67. Strong fingernails that grow at the speed of light.
68. I'm still pregnant. :)
69. Jackson, Luke, and Wendy are growing well and are healthy.
70. The multitude of prayers being offered up daily for our family...even by those we've never met.
72. Laughter.
73. Benadryl Gel. It FINALLY relieved the constant itching of my stretching skin.
74. The triplets are gaining such a great amount of weight!
75. 3-D ultrasounds.
76. Hospital ice packs.
77. My new, space age hospital bed! It helps me get in and out of bed, and roll from side to side. And it turns into a chair! Sooooo cool!
78. The opportunity to help bring 5 precious spirits into the world.
79. The amazing gift that is pregnancy and motherhood.
80. Uplifting music.
81. The special time that is babyhood, however fleeting it may be.
82. The possibilities of the future.
83. Memories of the past.
84. Sitting right here in the present and savoring all that it is.
85. Access to the hospital cafeteria menu in addition of the regular patient menu. Variety! Thank goodness for the meeting another mother and I had with the dietary department!
86. Water. Normally not something I choose to drink, but when I'm pregnant, I can't get enough.
87. The prayers.
88. I haven't had to have an IV for this hospital stay.
89. All of the blogging I have done these past three years. I love to look back at pictures of Charlie and Liv, who will soon be the BIG brother and sister. My heart is breaking just a bit.
90. I haven't been as uncomfortable as I thought I would be.
91. DELICIOUS chocolate covered strawberries sent to me by a friend of my Dad's, whom I've never met.
92. Cards from members of my Grandparents' church congregation wishing us blessings, and promising prayers.
93. This pregnancy has gone so fast! (But on the flip side, it makes me a bit sad knowing this will be my last pregnancy.)
94. The $$ Laura "sneaks" me so that I can order out occasionally.
95. The plant my Grandparents brought me when I first entered the hospital. It doesn't get much water, but it's still lookin' good!
96. An outdoor lunch with my Husband and children.
97. My children's fascination with, and curiosity in, every sound and sight.
98. Friends who have called and visited and generally made this experience enjoyable for me.
99. Pregnancy brings me so close to the veil. There are incredible sacred and special experiences there.
100. My amazing family here on earth, those who have passed on, and those who are waiting to arrive. And most of all, my Father in Heaven. For these are only 100 of the infinite blessings he has bestowed upon me.


nancy said...

love you, abbykins. :)

Linda said...

Sweet, strong, amazing Abby ... your gratitude is a wonderful example to all of us. You have truly made the most of this unique experience. Thanks for sharing your take on this special time. Love you and cannot wait to get up to Ohio and see you all again. Linda xoxo

The Katzbox said...

So veklempt, I could plotz. Seriously, weeping a bit. Love you and your grateful, gracious soul.

Valerie said...

I love hospital ice too! Weird. Glad to know you are still pregnant (weird to say that too) and maybe I can come and visit sometime this week.

stacey erin said...

Last pregnancy? What, you don't want to go for a four-some? :)
Loving you so much Abigail. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo (Hugs and kisses for the 7 Bowmans!)

Emmy said...

Oh, Abby. . .you are so thankful and grateful. How I love to witness this trait! You are an amazing example. Thank you!

Kelly said...

This post brought tears to my eyes- you are too good- what a great reminder of the simple things we take for granted- your upbeat spirit is what amazes me most- I am certain Heavenly Father knows each of us and what we can handle- he knows this challenge is for you and you will succeed! What fun this was to read and I am planning on coming up perhaps tomorrow? I will call you!!


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