Monday, July 4, 2011

Bed Rest: Day 60 (4th of July 2011)

Eli and the kids came to visit me today, which is always my favorite part of the week. But today was an extra visit thanks to our Founding Fathers. :) They gave me a free country in which to live, and an extra day with my family. As Eli didn't make it into any our photos, I thought I'd throw this video in here. Charlie and Liv really can't get enough of that curtain!

After my visit with them, I headed downstairs to post-partum to see our friends' new little baby. No pics of that unfortunately, but it was so nice to hold that little guy and visit for a while! And in typical Mom fashion, mine stopped by with a 4th of July surprise. A tasty burger and fries from Johnny Rockets! Served on a very festive red, white and blue plate from Target...of course.

For my more patriotic and sentimental posts about this special holiday, see my previous three posts.


God Bless America!


Mary Day said...

How fun! I was exhausted just watching them:)!

The Katzbox said...

That was simply hysterical. That swinging into the frame? Oh my word. I laughed so hard!!!! So typical!!!! xoxox, Moo

nancy said...

i can't get this video to open!!!!!!


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