Thursday, June 9, 2011

Olivia's Facts in

1. Liv has started potty training again! We aren't going with an approach that I am used to because of the strangeness of our situation right now. It will probably take a lot longer this time, because we decided to use pull-ups so MooMoo isn't having to clean things up all the time. :) It's slow going, but Livy is getting the hang of it.

2. Liv is fearless. There is nothing she's afraid to do. Just what you want as a parent! :/

3. Her language skills have really grown recently. She's using words more to express her thoughts.

4. Thank goodness the summer is finally here, because water is Liv's favorite thing. Hose, sprinkler, pool, bathtub. It just doesn't matter to her, she loves it all. She'll stay in until her lips turn blue!

5. Lately, Olivia has been learning how to swing by herself. We'd tried a few times in the past, and she just couldn't get the hang of it, but now she loves to use the big kid swing.

6. This girl can not get through this life without some time on the stage! Lately, she has been practicing her "faces." Happy, sad, scared, surprised, angry. And she has also been practicing sleeping and snoring, and the "shiver", for her future role as an explorer in Antarctica. :)


nancy said...

she's been practicing her snoring, too! have you heard her do that? it is TOO funny - not to mention, spot on. where'd she learn to do THAT? :)

Abby said...

I have heard that. forgot to mention it in the post. she "falls asleep" every so often. so funny! she learned the snoring from Eli and I. we used to pretend that we would fall asleep while playing with the kids. the love it!


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