Friday, June 10, 2011

Charlie's Facts in Five

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1. We have made a discovery about Charlie's love/hate relationship with water. He is all about playing in it if it is contained and calm. If it's moving, he doesn't want to get anywhere near it. Pools and bath tub, yes please. Sprinkler and fountains, no thanks! Hose? Only if he's the one holding it. I guess he likes to be in control of his surroundings!

2. Recently, he has become a lot more snuggly with me. Instead of jumping on me all of the time, he's more content to lay with me and snuggle a bit. I am SO loving this!

3. Proper pronunciation of words is a big thing for Charlie. He just has to say things correctly. No "pasghetti" for this boy. It's "spaghetti"...first shot.

4. Charles is our sensitive little guy. And he's starting to really show that sensitivity toward others. He'll go get things for Livy without being asked, and he's just so sweet with her...for a two year old. :)

5. As mentioned briefly in fact #1, Charlie likes to feel in control and he is very independent. He can't stand it when he needs help with something he feels he should be able to do on his own. And you'll get a lot farther with him if you ask him to "help" clean up the toys, or do you a favor. Just call him Mr. Independent. :)


stacey erin said...

Oh, I could go for a little Charlie snuggle right about now!

nancy said...

charlie brown. could he be more perfect?

nancy said...

charlie brown. could he be more perfect?


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